What are ghosts made from?



Pure imagination. It's fun to scare yourself or other people, but they aren't real.


there made of candy XD.

My mum says: be scared of a real human, not dead one :)

lol its funny

Ally-in-Wonderland's Answer:

I don't like your messing around with the truth. I'm very serious with this stuff - they are ecto-plasm, it's simple.

Kclin16's Answer:

To answer this question seriously, let's just assume we live in a hypothetical universe where ghosts are real, and all the apparitions and flying objects people see are actually real. Ghosts are most likely electromagnetic disturbances. Ghost "hunters" find abnormal readings on EMF detectors and infrared cameras. Ghost images tend to crop up more often on digital photos, and some digital cameras can capture infrared light. This would imply that ghosts are more present in the infrared spectrum than in the visible spectrum.