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For lightweight food, use food that only requires adding boiling water such as freeze-dried meals (I like Mountain House brand the best!), instant potatoes, couscous, instant rice, instant oatmeal, and granola. This requires less fuel for cooking and can be made and eaten in a ziplock freezer bag so there are no dishes to clean--just zip the bag closed when you're done and pack it out. I like to drink apple cider mix or Stephen's Gourmet Citrus & Spice Wassail because they are good either hot or cold.

For eating while hiking, I like Clif Bars, Corn Nuts, Jerky, M&Ms, etc.

If I am hiking all day and need to keep my energy up, I will eat Hammer Gel during the first hour and any time I need an energy boost. Then I drink a serving of Hammer Perpetuem with one quart of water over the course of an hour or two (I add powered Gatorade Propel to the Perpetuem for flavoring). I will drink three or four servings of Perpetuem over the course of a day. I eat Clif Bars for my lunch. This keeps me going all day.

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For a one night meal for example here is what I would take.

Breakfast before you leave. You want to have heaps of carbs so you have heaps of energy for your trip. This should include a good size bowl of cereal (No sugar) It would be best with some milk to keep calcium levels up as well. Make sure you have heaps of fruit and a couple liters of water before you head out.

Lunch along the way. You need light weight nutritional foods now. This could include some pita bread or Turkish bread with some dips, cheese, carrot and spinach. These foods are light weight and can last on a hiking trip.

Snacks along the way. Dried fruit is really good for you and some lollies and nuts will also help you keep a good nutritional balance.

Dinner. I have a couple of different recipes I like to use.

First one: Honnekin noodles mixed with a kang tong sauce like honey soy, Add some vegetables such as capsicum, beans and carrot sticks and if you have acces to a fridge you can put some diced chicken in.

Second: Dehydrated meals. You can buy a dehydrator of eBay for $75 and you can take any of your favorite meals with you even meat.

Hope this helps you. remember water OS much better than high sugar energy drinks. Keep your fluids up and eat lots of carbs before you go. Repackage the food into smaller sealer bags as this keeps all your meals together and reduces the amount of waste that you will need to take out with you at the end.

  • Prepackaged Tuna & Crackers are a good source of protein & nourishment.
  • Peanut butter is also a good protein to take along, again with crackers or in prepackaged form. Taking bread to put the peanut butter on is also not too hard to do. Some prefer to re-package their peanut butter in a squeeze tube (found in most sports stores in the hiking stuff) so they don't need to try to spread the peanut butter with a knife, etc. You can always use your finger to scoop and spread though (assuming it's just your and you have some good hand sanitizer to use BEFORE you dip!)
  • Fresh fruits like apples, Pears & Oranges are durable for packing
  • While not exactly "healthy" per say, candy bars can be a quick and good source of carbs & calories
  • Trail bars - Kashi bars are high quality - travel well and can come packed with proteins
  • Dried fruits
  • Jerky

The goal is to consume 3000-4000 calories a day, if you are hiking at a good pace and constant all day long.

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Q: What are good foods to eat while hiking?
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