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if you're into chic-flicks here are some of the best I've watched so far: (random order)

1. Clueless

2. Mean Girls

3. A walk to remember

4. P.S. I love you

5. Definitely, Maybe

6. Letters to Juliet

7. Bandslam

8. freaky Friday

9. Ms. Congeniality

10. Bride wars

11. She's the man

12. My sassy girl

13. The house bunny

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What are some scary movies that are rated pg13?

I hear that The Ring and The Sixth Sense r good ones that r pg13 :)

Can childrens watch movies rated PG13?

My answer for pg13 movies is 4 the kids 12 & under.

What are good movies for kids age 9?

Pg13, Or Pg. The older they are the more you can move up.

Why aren't kids allowed to watch PG movies alone?

They can get into PG by themselves, but not R or PG13. For the movies that are rated PG13 or R kids have to have an adult with them.

Can a 13 year old watch a PG13 movie?

Of course 13 year olds can watch PG13 movies! That's why it's called PG13!

What are some PG13 horror movies?

the haunting in cenetticut

Can a 13 year old watch a PG13 movies?


What are all the lilo and stitch movies called?

Its rated pg13

Is The Hobbit pg13?

Yes, all 3 Hobbit movies are PG13, although there are some scenes that may be frightening to younger children.

What is a good movie for a twelve year old?

easy i think PG13 for them because there almost aloud to see it in the movie theater so show them what there going to see Some good movies for a 12 year old might be.. Foul Play PG The Wedding Planner unsure The Proposal PG13 Monster in Law PG13 What a Girl Wants PG13 Legally Blond PG Date Night PG13 City Slickers PG Summer Rental unsure Rabbit Proof Fence PG 50 First Dates PG13

What age rating are all of the Harry Potter movies?

PG to PG13

Is it illegal to watch pg13 movies if you are under 13 and without parental guidance?


Can 9 year olds get into pg13 movies?

no because u have to be 13 and older

What is the difference between PG and PG13?

Rated movies? PG Is parent guidance and PG 13 may contain some more inaproperate or violent stuff while pg is approperate for most everyone. You should be 13 to watch PG13 movies/

How much money are pg13 movies at regal cinemas?

It varies from city to city and the time of day.


It means a pg13 movie or a movie that has not good words

What does movie rating PG13 mean?

It means that children under the age of 13 should not watch the movie at all, kids age 13 and older are not neccesarrily mature enough to watch some PG13 movies either.

Why is the last air bender in pg13?

It is not PG13. It is PG.

Are there any movies PG-16?

not that i know of.... why is there pg13... if a 13 year old can't watch it, why should anyone

Can PG13 movies be watch by children under 13 if an adult is with them?

Well pg stands for parent guardian so yes they can

Would you rate the movie Salt pg or pg13?


Is the movie Monte Carlo PG13?

no it is only PG not PG13

What age rating is clannad?

clannad age rating is pg13 it is a good show

What is the age restriction to watch the star war movies?

The 3rd movie is pg13 but because kids might think its scary the others are ph

Is John Carter PG13 or R?

It's PG13. NOT RATED R. If it was then it wouldn't be made by Disney