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Ranchete !

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Q: What are good places to visit in The DOminican Republic?
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Where should I go on a vacation to the Dominican republic?

travel advisor is a good site to help you find the best places in the Dominican republic to start you vacation. Some of the popular activities are whale watching and tours.

Where can I find deals on Dominican Republic all inclusive resorts?

You've come to the right place! Lavish Elite will take cake good care of your needs from the accommodation, transportation, and daily activities in the Dominican Republic. Visit Lavisheliteluxurytransportation webiste

What is the food like in the Dominican Republic?

The food in the Dominican Republic is super good. A common food there is rice, beans and chicken. Sancocho is very popular, its a traditional plate in the Dominican Republic. == ==

What types of vacations happen in dominican republic?

There are plenty of vacations in the Dominican Republic. Also, yes, there are a lot of unspoiled beaches in The Dominican Republic and you will have a good time there.

What is a good spa in the Dominican Republic?

jasmine spa

How do you say good night in dominican republic?

Buenas noches.

What are some good places to visit in Austria?

what are some places that are good to visit in Austria?

Is Dominican Republic a good place?

Yes, it's the favorite destination in America.

What are some currencies in Dominican Republic?

The Dominican peso (DOP, or RD$) is the national currency, although United States dollars (USD) are accepted too and is implicated in almost all commercial transactions of the Dominican Republic; such dollarization is common in high inflation economies. Americans traveling to the Dominican Republic have a very good exchange rate.

What is matatan?

in the dominican republic a matatan is someone, that is good, by good i mean , a man that knows it all, and is good at evrything ,

What are the regulations for selling drugs in the Dominican Republic?

its not a good idea to sell drugs anywhere

What is the best selling beer in the Dominican Republic?

The best selling beer in the dominican republic is Presidente, however Brahma is also a good seller and there are many more brands available almost everywhere. - I live there.

What is a good provider for Dominican Republic vacation packages?

There are many companies that offer vacation packages for the Dominican Republic. Some of the more popular companies that do include: Thompson Holidays, Virgin Holidays and Travelocity.

What are good places to visit in Texas?

The Alamo, San Antonio, Dallas, Arlington, and Galveston are all good places to visit in Texas.

What is the title of the song for the Dominican Republic commercial?

Dominican Republic TV Commercial Music. ...the artist name is Juan Luis Guerra - Song is Something Good on the La Liave de Mi Corazon CD

Where can one find cheap flights to the Dominican Republic?

Cheap flights to the Dominican Republic can be found in numerous locations. They can be found on websites such as Expedia, Sunwing Vacations, and Travelocity. They can also be found through travel agents, such as Flight Center. Local travel agents are also good sources for cheap flights to the Dominican Republic.

Is scuba diving in the Dominican Republic good in December?

Diving in the Dominican is good all year. December is in the midst of the coolest weather with sun/cloud mix but temps average 78F.

What is Dominican Republic like?

Dominican Republic is a beuatiful island in the carribean. with increadible beaches tasty dishes and friendly people. I love going there to visit my family on vacation . even though now is not a good time to go unless u r going to a hotel becuz of the sickness denge wich i got. i am alright now. now there is a vaccine though.

Why would people from the Dominican Republic immigrate to the US?

Because they are out of there everloving mind * No, actually although the dominican republic is a beautiful island to visit the reality is that is not such a paradise to reside in. Keep in mind that is one thing to visit a place as a tourist and to work and live in it. The economy of the country is not so great and thus a good job and a good income is not an easy thing to achieve. Also the crime in the country has been on the rise for the past couple of decades. Not that tourist would have noticed it from inside a resort.

What are good places to visit in Cuba?


Why is the Dominican Republic famous?

it's a really good tourist spot. it's hot there during our winter.

Do children need passport to travel to Dominican Republic?

It is generally a good idea to have a passport when traveling. US citizens may enter the Dominican Republic without passports using other forms of ID and this is also true for children.

Where are some good places to go on vacation?

Guavaberry Resort and Country Club Condominiums, in the Dominican Republic The Guavaberry Resort and Country Club Condominiums are the perfect destination for travelers looking for relaxation and comfort, or travelers looking for a golf adventure. Whatever you are looking for, the Guavaberry Resort and Country Club is the perfect choice for your visit.

What are some good places to visit in Antarctica?

Any place you can reach is a good place to visit in Antarctica.

What is it like to live in the Dominican Republic?

Life in the Dominican Republic includes living on a warm tropical island that has good weather, many beaches, and affordable housing. Living costs will be less expensive than living in Europe or the United States.