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Here are a few: Women love romance, so pick a secluded place that is romantic and propose to her. If you are sleeping together already, then get a nice hotel and go up to the room a little earlier and spread rose pedals all over the bed, or, leave one red rose on her pillow with the ring tied to it on a pretty ribbon. Make sure you're right next to her! Tell the hotel that you want chocolate covered strawberries and champagne delivered to your room at a certain time. Have a big fancy bath tub in your hotel room already drawn with bubbles or rose pedals floating in it, candles around the bath tub, and the lights down low. You could go away for a weekend to a beautiful hotel or a quaint Bed/Breakfast and propose to her there. The old fashion way of getting down on one knee, taking her hand is still one of the most romantic ways to propose. If both of you are adventuresome, and you can afford it, have a private plane cross by where she lives (be sure you're there) and have a banner that asks her to marry you. If you are lucky enough to live in a city that has a horse-drawn carriage that circles a beautiful park, then rent one for the evening and take your own chilled champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Have fun! Rent a limo and have chocolate covered strawberries, champagne inside the limo and soft music. If you like, set up a nice party with friends, but propose to her in the limo and take an hours spin before going to the party to celebrate. Whatever you do, don't put the ring in the bottom of her drink! I've had two younger girlfriends swallow the ring! Not a pretty sight. LOL Only you know the personality of your girlfriend, so if she's a private person and reserved I'd go with the hotel or getting down on one knee or the carriage around the park. If she's a fun person, good for a laugh, do the plane/banner thing, or get the limo and with the chocolate strawberries/champagne. Sounds like this young women is getting a really nice guy sooooooo ...... CONGRATULATIONS! Marcy

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Q: What are good ways to propose marriage?
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How long do you have to wait for a sim to propose marriage?

If your getting married to a neighbor, You can propose engagement and then propose the marriage.

What is a good way to propose marriage?

on valentimes day with a BIG box of chocolates

How can you get him to propose?

Talk about marriage but not obsessively. If all else fails, you propose to him instead.

What is the most common reason for a man to propose marriage?

Most men who propose marriage are in love with the woman and wants to marry her and have a family with her.

When do you propose in harvest moon?

You can propose once you have completed all the marriage requirements. What the marriage requirements are depends on which Harvest Moon game you are playing.

Who would normally propose in a Victorian marriage?

The guy

How do you use the word Propose in a sentence?

Propose means to suggest an idea, or suggest marriage.I propose that McDonald's buy Wendy's and call the new chain MegaBurger.She was not expecting her boyfriend to propose.

Can a Muslim woman propose marriage to a man in Islam?

yes......becoz hazrat hadeeja propose our holy prophet

What are some romantic ways to propose to her?

There are many romantic ways to propose. Some people propose in a fancy restaurant, a national sporting event, special holidays and anniversaries and just spur of the moment.

How do you organise a romantic propose marriage for my gf?

A candlelight dinner.

How do you propose on the sims 2?

Make sure they have a high relationship first, then there should be the propose... sign click it then engagement, then, when you are ready, marriage. you HAVE to do engagement first, or the marriage one won't come.

How many people propose marriage on Valentine's Day?

On Average 52% of Men propose to there wife an Valentines's Day On Average 52% of women are propose to on Valentine's Day

How do you Marie in Sim 3?

you have to go through a series of steps like...flirt,kiss,compliment, propose going steady, ask to stay overnight,then the option that says propose marriage will show up. Good luck!

How is same-sex marriage good?

Same-sex marriage is good in the same ways that opposite marriage is good. Both promote monogamy and a stable family life. The goodness of the thing is not nullified by the genders of the parties thereto.

How do you know when to marry a Christian?

Not quite sure what you are asking. Possibly you mean when is a good time to propose marriage, or maybe you mean you are not a Christian yourself, but have fallen in love with a Christian and you want to know if marriage is advisable.

How do you get married on sims 2 computer?

You make them fall in love, click Propose, choose Engagement, click Propose, choose Marriage.

How long do you wait to propose marriage after reconsiliation?

two or three months

How do you propose marriage in Swahili?

Twaka Twaka su u bowna

What is the synonym for the word propose?

This one really depends on the context. 'Propose' as in marriage: fire the question, get down on one knee, pop the question, ask for (his/her) hand in marriage. 'Propose' as in suggest: Suggest, put forward, advise, proposition, recommend, urge. There are also other contexts that 'propose' can be used in, these other contexts have synonyms of their own.

How do you make a girl propose?

If you are a man then why don't you just propose to her. If not then otherwise your a different sex or just tell her to propose to you :L Other ways: Inception

How do you get your sims married Sims 2?

First you get them to fall in love (70 on botom line or higher) and then you go propose. You can then go propose: Marriage or throw a party (Click on phone) and do the same or click on marriage arch.

In The Sims 3 can you marry a guy if he was never your boyfriend?

No you have to get to romantic interest, then propose going steady, the propose marriage before you can actually get married.

Why is love before marriage?

Love is before marriage because you first have to learn to love the person. If you truly love them, then you can propose.

Traditional ways to propose in Scotland?

On one knee.

How do you get married in Sims 3 ambitions?

Getting Married in the sims 3 Ambitions is the same as the regular sims 3 all you have to do is have a girl and a guy and have them talk and flirt and hug. then once their relationship is good enough then you can propose going steady the propose engagement then propose marriage then whapow a happily married couple.