What are greenhouses used for?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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To separate the internal environment from the outside, usually to grow plants that do not do well in the normal environment of your location.

The oldest use is just to heat the local environment to extend the growing season.

Greenhouses are used for growing fruits or anything else during the winter.

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Q: What are greenhouses used for?
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What are temperature sensors typically used for?

Temperature sensors are used in a variety of applications. In the home, they can be found everywhere from ovens and grills to hair straighteners. Commercially, they are used in furnaces, laboratories and greenhouses, amongst others.

Why do greenhouses use black containers filled with water in their operations?


Which Four factors which affect light transmission into greenhouses and polythene tunnels?

The four factors that affect light transmission into greenhouses include location, orientation, structural design, interior components and systems and weathering on glazing. Poor location and structural design will inhibit light transmission. Too many interior components also can prevent the transmission of light.

How do freestanding greenhouses differ from connected greenhouses?

economy of scale the free standing ones stand a better chance of surviving a sytemic failure ie a disese wont wipe out the entire complex the same goes for fan, pump or power failures or contimants in soil or seeds or fertilizer one big building costs less than lots of little ones

What can solar power energy be used for?

Solar energy is used forHeating water, usually on rooftops of houses,Heating greenhouses in cold climates for food crops,Heating houses and buildings through walls and windows,Generating electricity, usually through photovoltaic (PV) cells, again on rooftops. It can also be harnessed through solar towers, where hundreds of mirrors focus the rays onto a central point where a medium, for example, salt, is heated up to many hundreds of degrees. Another way is from solar farms of rows and rows of PV panels. All these generate electricity which is fed into the grid and used in households round the world.

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Where could somebody find used greenhouses for sale?

Used greenhouses can be found for sale on the 'PreLoved' website where they have a number of them listed. One can also find a number for sale on ebay.

How do gardeners use greenhouses to control crop production?

Greenhouses are used to provide, as near as possible,the ideal conditions for the crop being grown.

What time of the year are greenhouses used?

usually early spring, and fall.

What is Rainbow Greenhouses's population?

Rainbow Greenhouses's population is 150.

When was Rainbow Greenhouses created?

Rainbow Greenhouses was created in 1985.

During what time of the year are greenhouses used?

usually early spring, and fall.

Can greenhouses gases be converted into something useful and what?

Methane can be used to create energy

Why are greenhouses used in cold environments to grow plants?

Greenhouse window panes are used to attract solar heat

What type of gas do greenhouses have inside?

Greenhouses have regular air (nitrogen and oxygen gases) inside.

What is geothermal used for?

Heating buildings, grow crops in greenhouses, melting snow on the sidewalk, and to wash wool

Where can one find lean to greenhouse designs?

Design ideas for a lean-to greenhouse can be viewed on eHow. They offer information on mini greenhouses, window lean-to greenhouses and carport lean-to greenhouses.

Why doesn't greenhouses need insects to pollinate flowers?

In short, they do. Greenhouses are not usually sealed, and insects can get in and out, and they will pollinate the flowers.