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What are hidden proxys?

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A hidden proxy means that you are invisible when using the internet. This means you can surpass firewalls and browser history information.

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Is proxy illegal?

The sole use of a proxy is not illegal however people use proxys to download/torrent illegal material and stay hidden, so it depends on what your using it for.

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proxys, hax

What are some proxys that work and that will get me on facebook?

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Can administrators see what website you are visiting on a proxy server?

YES! they most certainly can. some proxys differ and some only alert someone when you get on a website you shouldn't be there but to be safe you shouldn't be anywhere you shouldn't.

Is there another way to open YouTube?

There are several ways to open YouTube in Pakistan. The most commonly used trick is using proxy and fake IPs. Zacebook is the commonly used proxys for this purpose.

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