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What are humans' closest relatives?


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It is widely believed that chimpanzees are the closest living relative to humans, with them sharing 96% of the genetic coding we have and likely a common prehistoric ancestor. There has been recent speculation that orangutans may have more physical similarities to humans, but there has not been sufficient genetic research to back this up yet.
Gorillas and chimpanzees
Gorillas and chimpanzees
Chimpanzees are the closest living relative of humans. Chimps have the best similarities with human beings.They show such great abilities closely resembling human movements. Chimps also feature both physical and mental traits closely resembling Homo Erectus.
Genetically, the closest living relatives to genus Homo (humans) are in genus Pan (chimps and bonobos).
the closest animal to modern human is cro-magnon man whom of which was basically a smart monkey.