What are key competencies?

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Key competencies are things you are competent at that are key to the job you are applying for such as particular skills you may have or what skills you have that you think would be advantagious to the potential employer. Key competencies are the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed by everyone across a variety of life contexts. Specialist skills are needed to perform all tasks - for example, the ability to weave a basket, file a report, change a tyre or take a patient's temperature. Underpinning the content execution of these tasks is a range of other skills and abilities, sometimes referred to as generic skills. These might include communication skills, teamwork or management skills. It is the combination of these specialist and generic skills that results in a successful performance. For example, specific or technical competencies underpinned by higher levels of competence directly contribute to increased productivity through: *Improved performance *Increased ability to use and adapt existing skills to meet new demands *Increased ability to see, create and exploit new opportunities Competencies are the techniques, skills, knowledge and characteristics that make a certain worker stand out over a regular worker with the same function or work category because of his performance. understand that competency is taking initiative and responsibility successfully when facing a situation at work, both at the level of the individual and group.

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Q: What are key competencies?
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Aka Key Competencies?

Key competencies are the basic skills an job applicant needs in order to apply for a job. The successful candidate will be expected to perform these competencies once hired.

How do you answer what is your key competencies?

There are many ways to answer what your key competencies are. You could list them or write them in a paragraph. Competencies would be something that one excels at in direct relation to the job that one is applying for

Key skills and competencies of a waiter?

Be attractive.

What are your key competencies to this position as customer service associates?


How would you relate your key competencies to an administrative assistant position?

An administrative assistant should be organized, and have a keen sense of detail. If a person has those key competencies, they should list them on a resume.

What is your key competencies?

During a job interview when you are asked about your key competencies, the interviewer wants to know what experience you have, and how it will help you to do the job you are applying for. Think carefully about what you do well and how it relates to the position within the company.

What are the key competencies for a webmaster?

There are several key competencies for a webmaster. Some of these include the ability to teach others how to use tools for specific platforms, be able to provide support, and being able to maintain systems.

What are your key competencies that would convince the company to hire you?

Key competencies that would convince the company to hire you will be job specific. Know the details and skills the job requires before you apply, then sell these at your interview.

How do you answer 'What are your key competencies for this position'?

When you are asked this question, the interviewer wants to know two things:Do you know what your key competencies are ?Do you know what competencies are needed for this job?You will need to have done your "homework" on this question and researched the job ahead of time so that you know how to answer. List the skills you have that would help you out on the job.

How would you relate your key competencies to this position as a manufacturing developer?


How would you relate your key competencies in the accounting position?

what is a core competency for accounting

Performance review questions?

identify key competencies you would like to develop

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