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What are kinds of green beer you can drink on St. Patrick's Day?

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Any beer that you add green food coloring to.

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Do leprechauns drink green water?

green and yellow with froth on top. aka. St. Patricks day "Beer".

Where can you purchase green beer for St Patricks day?

any bar or restaurant that has green food coloring

What kinds of food do people eat on Saint Patrick's Day?

Irish stewCorned beefCooked cabbageDrink green beerGreen soda pop.

Why is green beer green?

"Green" beer to a brewer means it is not ready to drink. You can get a real bellyache if the fermentation has not finished. Green beer for St Patrick's day is just beer with food coloring added.

Does Ireland really have green beer?

On St. Patrick's Day, purely as a novelty, green beer is sold in some places. All it is is just a coloured drink. Other than on that day, there is no green beer in Ireland.

How do you say beer house?

A house where people want to drink any kinds of alcohol.

Does green beer turn your pee green?

when you drink green beer the chemicals in your body change to allow the green beer become pee. when you drink other things they all have their own colors but in average, the colors usually sum up to a yellowish color. like i said a couple of sentences ago: the chemicals change, making your pee reddish yellow.

What do people drink on St Pats day?

Green beer, among other things.

What is the traditional drink of Saint Patrick's Day?

tradionally it is an irish malt ale, but people also drink beer died green

Does drinking green beer bring good luck on st Patrick's day?

I've never heard of that... and not to be blunt and ruin st patricks day, but luck is just a myth.

Can you drink beer on private property in Michigan?

Yes, you can drink your beer on private property, if you can legally drink beer to begin with.

Did James Madison drink beer?

yes he drink beer and his favorite was butter beer yum

Does Cristiano Ronaldo drink beer?

Yes he does drink beer now and then.

Can you drink beer and take atenolol?

can you drink beer,and take atenolol

Can diabetic drink beer?

no, a diabetic person is not supposed to drink beer

How old do you need to be to drink beer?

you need to be 21 or older to drink beer.

What a person drink beer of?

A person drink beer of alcohol. Taste good.

Does Obama drink beer?

Obama does drink beer but he may be trying to quite

Do cows drink beer?

They will drink beer. But you should insist they buy their own.

What is the big drink with the beer sticking out on the side?

What is the drink with the beer sticking out of the side

Can chihuahuas drink beer?

I would not recommend letting your dog drink beer.

Can you drink beer before asap?

You should not drink beer before anything. This means you should not drink beer before going to your asap meeting.

Beer and liquor makes you sicker?

No if you drink just beer you will be sicker than if you drink beer and liquor. If you drink them both you wont be as sick. It was proven on mythbusters.

Does pete wentz drink beer?

All of FOB say they do not drink beer.. But there is a picture of him with beer.. I think he drinks it occasionally..

Do nicaraguans drink beer if so how much?

yes nicaraguans do drink lots of beer.

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