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The 24th amendment ends the taxes on polls. like voting. this was made because they thought that it was the peoples right to chose who they wanted to be in a public office and they should not have to pay to do so.

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What are the major provisions of the 24th amendment?

the 24th Amendment eliminated all Poll Taxes for registered voters.

Who opposed the 24th amendment?

the person who opposed the 24th amendment was an old guy

What is the nickname for the 24th amendment?

The 24th Amendment of the Constitution does not have a nickname. The purpose of this amendment was to eliminate the poll tax.

Who was president during the 24th amendment?

The 24th Amendment was passed on 1964, so the answer is Lyndon B. Johnson.

What amendment ends poll taxes?

24th amendment

Which amendment says that you don't have to pay to vote?

ThE 24th Amendment.

Who was Andy R. Porters?

The man who proposed the 24th amendment of the constitution. The man who proposed the 24th amendment of the constitution.

What was passed in 1965?

the 24th amendment

What amendment governs the procedures for the election of president of the US?

24th Amendment

Which amendment eliminated voted taxes in federal elections?

24th amendment

What amendment restricted rights of voters with poll taxes?

24th amendment

This amendment bans all poll taxes in federal elections?

24th amendment

What amendment outlawed the fee to vote?

The 24th Amendment. Ratified January23, 1964.

What did the 24th amendment end?

poll tax

What was stopped by the 24th amendment?

Poll Taxes

What amendment outlawed the poll tax?

The 24th.

What does the 24th amendment forbid?

Poll tax

Was the 24th Amendment ratified in 1964?

The 24th amendment was proposed by Congress to the states on August 29, 1962 and was ratified by the states on January 23, 1964

What amendment abolished poll taxes?

The 24th amendment.The 24th Amendment, ratified in 1964, reflecting a political compromise, abolished the use Suttles, and extended the prohibition of poll taxes to state elections.

Five states still had poll tax at the time 24th amendment was ratified. what are they?

What are the five states that had poll tax at the time of the 24th amendment was ratified?

Which amendment forbids a state from preventing voting based on race?

The 24th amendment states that.

What Amendment that says citizens don't have to pay a poll tax to vote?

The 24th Amendment

Which amendment forbids requiring anyone to pay tax in order to vote?

24th amendment

Who proposed the 24th amendment?

Andy .R. Porters

What tax was outlawed by the 24th amendment?

the Poll tax