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What are mouse gestures in relation to web browsers?

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Mouse gestures can be incorporated into Microsofts internet Explorer 7 through an add-on. The program allows you to control the browser by making "gestures" with the mouse while holding the right click button down. For Example: Holding the right click button down and making a z type motion anywhere in the opened browser window will close that windo. This depending on your preferences may be easier than going up and clicking the X at the top right corner of the window. Also check out Opera help for information about mouse gestures for that browser.

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Why HTML important to web browsers?

HTML is important to web browsers as it forms the web pages. The web pages are the ones which run on the browsers.

Share a web browser?

Web BrowsersGoogle, Yahoo and MSN are web browsers.

What are all web browsers that you know?

list down name of all web browsers

What were the first web browsers?

In 1992 the first Web browsers, Viola and Mosaic, were developed.

How do you explain web browsers?

Web Browsers are softwares used for viewing web pages. They can also be used for developing and testing web pages.

How many browsers can you find?

Browsers are used to connect to the web. There are a number of 100's of browsers.

What are latest web browsers and web servers?

Web browsers:Neptune Download At: https://swurl.x10.mxWeb servers:Dedicated/Virtual Private Server

What are the date settings for mobiles to validate web browsers?

The date settings must be accurate for mobile browsers. It will enable the websites in web browsers to work accordingly.

Where can one find a list of the best web browsers?

You can find a list of the best web browsers online at The Top Tens website. Once on the page, type "Best Web Browsers" into the search field at the top of the page and click on the result titled "Best Web Browsers" to view the list.

What is the meaning of web browsers?

Web Browsers are computer programs mainly used for opening web pages. Most web browser require the internet to function properly.

What are the web browsers in Internet explorer?

Internet Explorer is a web browser. Other web browsers include Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

What are web browsers?

Web browsers are applications that let you view webpages. Most Windows systems come with Internet Explorer.

Is it harmful if you open two web browsers at the same time?

No it is not harmful to open two web browsers at the same time.

What is the primary function of the web browsers?

Browsers render web pages which are in HTML form. They can show you the content from different providers.

What are browsers used for?

To surf the web.

Advantages of web browsers?

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Why are web browsers free?

some are not

Where are the websites displayed?

In Web Browsers

What is the thing on the side of webpages and web browsers called?

Almost all web browsers have a vertical scrollbar on the side of each window.

Purpose of web browser?

Web browsers help users navigate the Internet with ease. Web browsers also help people search for specific information on the Internet.

The protocol used for the world wide wev and used by web browsers and webservers to co mmunicate?

"HTTP" is the protocol used by web browsers to communicate with web servers.

What are some examples of browsers?

Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and Yahoo are web browsers.

How many free web browsers are there?

Many of the web browsers people use are free, an estimated number is around 17 - though these are considered to be the "main" browsers such as google chrome, safari and firefox.

Can you run applet on web-browsers?

Yes. Java's Applet class was made specifically to be embedded within a web browser window.

Can all web browsers read HTML?

Most web browsers are capable of reading HTML code, as it is standard nowadays for internet webpages.