What are nouns for basketball?

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Some synonyms for the noun Basketball are game, sport, activity, competition, ball.

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Q: What are nouns for basketball?
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Is basketball an adverb?

No. Basketball is a noun. It may be used as a noun adjunct with other nouns (basketball coach, basketball court).

What sports are nouns?

Football, baseball, basketball, racquetball, dodgeball are just a few sports that are nouns.

What aretwo nouns about basketball?

The two nouns that form basketball are the ball and the basket. The game was originally played by nailing a bushel basket to a pole, which has since been replaced by the hoop and net.

Some nouns for basketball?

Shooter, passer, basketball, timeout, refs, defender, defense, offense, scorer, etc.

Is baseball and football and basketball nouns?

It depends on how you use those words.

What are some nouns about basketball?

shoot, score, fowl, jump, guard, play

In the following sentence which words are poper nouns Brandon plays in a basketball tournament on Sunday.?

Brandon and Sunday.

What is a noun that starts with b describing a girl?

Nouns are not describing words. The words that describe nouns are adjectives. A synonym is a noun for another noun. Some nouns that are synonyms for girl that start with B are: bride beauty baby basketball player ballerina baker

Is basketball a proper noun or common noun?

The noun 'basketball' is a commonnoun, a general word for a type of sport or a type of ball.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, or thing.Examples of proper nouns for the common noun 'basketball' are Wilson NCAA Official Game Basketball ($69.99) or The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (Springfield, MA).

What are all the nouns?

The types of nouns are: Singular or plural nouns Common or proper nouns Concrete or abstract nouns Possessive nouns Collective nouns Compound nouns

What is the classification of nouns?

The classifications of a noun are: singular and plural nouns common and proper nouns abstract and concrete nouns possessive nouns collective nouns compound nouns count and non-count (mass) nouns material nouns gerunds (verbal nouns) attributive nouns (nouns as adjective)

Give an example of mass nouns and count nouns?

Mass Nouns: Mass nouns are nouns that cannot be counted. These include nouns such as oxygen, advice, happiness.Count Nouns: Count nouns are nouns that can be counted. These include nouns such as books, chairs, cups.

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