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I love my conversionI am on my second 1500 conversion high top. I have enjoyed them bothimmensely, but find one fault is that I cant park in any city without paying a bribe to someone to park. It is simply too high for any garage in any city. Same for any inner city hotels, hospitals, etc. We use ours as a mini home during many miles of Baseball and horse shows, both during the spring season. The first conversion was Mark III, and my second one a Primetime. Both were great. I still use the Primetime (2000). The kids can eat, sleep, fight and watch tv. We also bring along a second tv/DVD/game station to keep the other kids happy. We use it for a changing room, tack room, locker room, and fishing tackle box all at the same time. I can actually fit 3 full size kayaks inside if I work it right with the bed down and the kayaks hanging up over near the upper level! I also get to be the mother that drives the groups of teens around because they all fit. That may sound awful, but I am also the mom that gets to know the kids the best. I see that as a benefit. I heard that Dodge isn't doing conversions anymore. What is up with that? They were the best price to value and I will be lost when my 2000 takes its last mile. SUV's just don't do the same thing as a conversion van and mine will be sorely missed.
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Q: What are opinions on Dodge 1500 conversion vans?
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Curb weight of 1985 dodge conversion van?

The curb weight of a 1985 Dodge Conversion Van depends on the size of the motor and transmission. Most Dodge vans of this type weight between 5,000 and 6,500 pounds.

Who does aftermarket high top conversion for vans?

Many people do the aftermarket for high top conversion vans themselves. Body shops will also do this type of work on conversion vans.

Where can I read reviews about conversion vans?

The best place to read reviews about conversion vans would be at the following web ... Conversion and Full-Sized Vans

Where can one find conversion vans for sale?

One can find conversion vans through numerous trading websites, like eBay or Craiglist. One can also find conversion vans through one's local car dealer.

Where can used conversion vans be purchased?

There are many places one might purchase a used conversion van. Popular choices include "Conversion Van Land," "Classic Vans," and "Conversion Van Superstore."

Where can I get more information about conversion vans?

A conversion van is a full-sized cargo van that is sent to third-party companies to be outfitted with various luxuries for road trips and camping.Quality automotive conversion vans made with your comfort and convenience in mind. This site is your home for custom conversion vans.

Where can you buy Conversion Vans?

Conversion vans can be found at most auto dealerships. Even if the dealership does not have a conversion van in stock, they would be able to find a dealership that does or have one transferred to them for purchase.

What year did Chevrolet start producing conversion vans?

The earliest conversion vans were during the 70's. They are kits that you send the van to a third party manufacturer to make your van over for a specific purpose such as travelling. Chevy does not actually make conversion vans.

What is the firing order for 1998 dodge 1500 truck 318?

The firing order on all Dodge trucks or vans with a 318 V8 is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2.

Which dealer has the broadest selection of conversion vans for sale?

Several dealerships nationwide sell conversion vans. What dealer has the broadest selection depends on where you live.

Where can one purchase Dodge vans?

One can buy Dodge vans from a variety of places. The top option is to buy direct from Dodge either from a showroom or by using their website. Other places one could look include; eBay, Auto Trader and Anchor Vans.

What is the best conversion van?

There are many excellent conversion vans in the market today. What I believe to be the best conversion van, however, may not be what is best for you. The best thing that you can do is read reviews on different types of conversion vans you are interested in and talk to mechanics to find out if there are common problems associated with the conversion van of you interest.

Where can I find conversion vans for rent?

Conversion vans for rental can be found at various used car dealers and the price depends on the size and options one needs for the van and the type of job.

Where online can I look you conversion vans for sale?

Conversion vans are made by multiple companies, in order to find the one that best suits your needs. GMC has multiple different types of conversion vans, I would suggest beginning your search with them. Http:// has both new and pre-owned available to browse through.

Who makes mark III conversion vans?

The company is out of business

What type of places sell conversion vans?

You can find conversion vans for sell at several reputable dealers. You can check out for new or used models. A second place to search would be

Are there any conversion vans on sale?

GMC still does conversion vans. If you check out you can get further information on where they might be sold and where you can find one in a city near you. You can also find prices and specifics.

Which businesses sell classic vans?

Classic vans are sold at the Shop411 website. It is also found at Conversion Vans and Classic Cars. You can find them also at the Pronto website or at Tillys.

Are conversion vans good vehicles for cross-country traveling?

The cost of conversion van travelling does not cost a lot and is faster than many other vans. The danger of the conversion van travelling is leaving it running for the night for the danger of poisoning is too great.

What is the maximum speed of Dodge Ram 2002?

Dodge Ram is an entire family of vehicles (1500, 2500, 3500, 4500, and 5500 pickups and vans)., with a variety of powertrain and rear end options available. There isn't a "one size fits all" answer to your question.

Where can I find information on conversion vans?

Conversion vans use a factory van as a base and then customize from there. Dave Arbogast conversion vans is located in Troy, OH but delivers nationwide 866-975-3287. They have a huge inventory and visiting will give you an idea of what sort of options are out there. My grandparents bought one there several years ago and it was an awesome van!

How much does a van weight?

depends on what type some are just over 2000 lbs and some can be over 4000 lbs, you have mini vans, conversion vans, cargo vans etc mini vans being the lightest, whilst cargo vans being heaviest (usually)

Where can I find cargo vans for sale?

If your looking for a cargo van you should checkout your local Dodge dealership. Dodge offers many great and new vans. If not than check ebay motors .

What is the curb weight of a 1975 Dodge van?

In 1975, Dodge vans were typically built with steel and other heavy metals. The average weight of one of these vans would be around 4,000-5,000 pounds.

Do 1998 1500 vans have carrier bearings?

No, they have one piece drive shafts.