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This is a subjective question and really depends on what you are looking for. Are you looking for something for gaming? Will the laptop be used primarily for business? The best place to get a general idea of what others are buying is Amazon's Best Sellers list for laptops. The link has been provided below.

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Q: What are opinions on the best laptop for under 1000 dollars?
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How to Buy the Best Laptop Computers Under 1000 Dollars?

If you are looking for the best laptop computers under 1000 dollars, you will probably find the search much easier than it was in the past. Since laptop technology has become more sophisticated, older models of these computers have experienced drastic price cuts. You can also look into the world of tablet computers for similar products.

How much dose a computer cost?

it deepens on a laptop or a PC a laptop is around 500 $PC around 1000 dollars

How much does Touch screen laptop cost?

between $200-$1000 australian dollars

Where can I get a laptop for under 1000 dollars?

You can get one for that price just about anywhere. You may not get all the add ons that you would like though. I would start looking at

What is the average cost for a lap top?

Average cost for laptop is around 1000 to 800 dollars.

What would be the price of a laptop?

Prices vary widely, between about 300 dollars and 1000 dollars or more (as of 2012), depending on the capabilities.

What is a good gaming laptop for under 1000?

Refurbished Macbook Pro in Apple computers.

What is the best video camera for 1000 dollars or under?

Panasonic GH2

Where can you get a good Gibson Explorer for a price under 1000 dollars?


Where can I get a Sony VX1000 for under 900 dollars?

i want a vx 1000

What is the best gaming laptop with the best graphics and frame rates under 1000?

Lenovo y580 i7

What are some good dell laptops?

For me, the laptop price has price range from $500 to $1000 dollars is nice to have. I have one dell laptop from couple years and they still not outdated and work nicely.

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