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Some other words that have the same meaning as funny are; humorous and hilarious.

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Q: What are other words that mean funny?
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Do the words funny and entertaining mean the same thing?


Can you describe funny?

Not without using other words that mean funny such as humorus, halarious, ect. But I guess you could if you said funny is a word or movement that is used to make someone laugh. Or to jsut be goofy.

What does smieszne reklamy mean in English?

"Smieszne" is Polish for "funny" and "reklamy" is Polish for "advertising," so "smieszne reklamy" means "funny advertising." Other Polish words for "funny" incllude "komiczny" and "humorystyczny," probably deriving from the English words "comic" and "humor."

Other words that have the same meaning as funny?


What does funny funny words words words words?

It means " too funny for words "

You are having problems with reading When you read you will see the words backwards or other words that are not even written you do not write funny but you see the words funny you have 20 20 and confu?


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other words that mean grandmother are nany,and momow

What are words that describe funny?

hilariously funny amazingly funny unbelievably funny ridiculously funny outrageously funny uproariously funny

What are words that mean funny?

Here are a few examples, which take "funny" to mean either "humorous" or "abnormal": amusing, comic, comical, funny, laughable, mirthful, risible, curious, funny, odd, peculiar, queer, rum, rummy, singular, fishy, shady, suspect, suspicious

What words do children think are funny?

Children often think that rude words are funny!

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