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What are pre-teens and teens of both genders into right now?


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most kids, inclueding me, love music ( hip hop, rock, rap) and clothes (boys as well like dressing up in jeans and a cool cap or something).we also like going down streets with our buddies at this sort of time we are not really in to hanging out with parents. Sometimes we just want to chill out in a beanbag and read a book or lisen to a mp3 or iPod.

I'm 13yrs old and i love going to this youth group called toa we do things like paint ball and mini Olympics its really fun. i also go down the street with my mats and my sister for 3-4 hours and get home at 9pm its cool that mum lets as do that and makes me glad that shes my mum.

i hope I've answered your question a bit

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The first answer in bold letters is soooo shallow......I'm 14, a girl, and in college. I like to read, sing, listen to music, Talk to friends online, read, draw, and run with my dogs. I HATE hanging out with people, it is pointless. I love to hang out with my parents, they are cool. I like to play Halo, Mercenaries, and Crimson Skies on the X-Box, and I like to go hunting, or just target practice with a 22, or my dad's 357 revolver. Boys are awsome, yeah, but I don't spend hours fawning over them, it's a waste of time. Hope this broadens your perspective a little bit. lol, bye. :D


wow ur in college u must be very intelligent