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The justification for offering Birth Control to high school students is that they "are going to do it anyhow;" the birth control helps keep them from actually conceiving, and supposedly promotes "safe sex." Opponents to this birth control, though, feel that this actually '''promotes''' sexual activity among high school students. They disagree with the notion that "they're going to do it anyhow." Providing birth control at the high school can also keep the parents uninformed about the sexual activity of their children; this can be bad or good, depending on the parents' attitude.

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Should birth control be given out in school?

Yes and No. Yes. Young people tend to make mistakes - like getting pregnant. Anything that adults can do to keep them from ruining their lives is welcome. Kids who don't use condoms need all the help they can get. No. Teen minds work differently than adult minds. When teens receive birth control, they begin to think that sex is okay, as long as it's safe. In many households, people are taught to wait till marriage, so the schools could in some cases teach differently. Birth control and condoms should be passed out only with parent approval. If birth control is not given with permission, schools could receive complaints.

Can birth control pills make your hair fall out?

birth control pills don't basically do anything apart from what the name implies controls the rate of birth but if u are given a fake type of birth control pills it can actually do quite a number of damages to the hair

What is the purpose of a birth control shot?

The birth control shot is a very effective form of birth control. The hormone progesterone in the birth control shot works by preventing ovulation. The shot is given in the arm or the buttocks every three months. There is a chance of pregnancy if you wait over three months for your next shot.

What significantly affect fertility rates in a given area?

Type of birth control and used

Is ther a such thing as male birth control pill?

No, there is no such thing as the male birth control pill. The idea of male birth control pills has been around for a long time, but it's yet to be produced due to safety concerns. Female birth control pills have many health risks, but more concern is given to males safety.

Can you take birth control pills at age 40?

Lots of women in their 40's take birth control pills. If not for contraception, some are given the pill to help regulate their menstrual cycles and flows.

What medicine should you take if you want to get pregnant but have to take birth control?

If you want to get pregnant, you need to stop birth control. Talk to your health care provider about appropriate steps given your medical situation.

Does a cow produce milk befor being bred?

Only if she has given birth to a calf before being bred again and continuously milked since then, then yes. But, if that cow has given birth to a calf, was dried up for some reason before being bred again, no.

What are the chances of birth control being in ineffective?

It depends on the particular method used. The failure rate for birth control methods is usually given as the percentage of women using that method who get pregnant within a year, and ranges from nearly 30% (spermicides alone as typically used) down to less than 1% (implants, vasectomy, tubal ligation). For comparison, the failure rate for not using any form of birth control at all is about 85%.

Can you be given a birth control shot if your pregnant?

It may happen accidentally, but there's no point in doing so on purpose.

How often do you make use of the school health service?

I use mine quite often after I realized how much they can help, I'm being given free birth control and they're always there if you have questions or need advice.

You have never seen your birth mother also have not seen her birth and grandmother also have not seen her birth then how human being is saying that they have given birth?

just ask a doctor or a nurse . hope that will help!

Does one need to take birth control pill after sex during first day of period?

You must take the birth control pill daily according to the schedule given by your health care provider regardless of bleeding or sex.

When do you get the side effects of the birth control pill?

Birth control often comes with side effects that can move from slightly annoying to bad enough to make you switch. You may not know what you can tolerate until you've given a couple of them a try.

What reason is given for insecticides being unsuitable in the control of the pest?

Who says they are? They have been proven to work.

Can antibotics cause birth control pills to not work right?

Some, yes. the paper that was given to you with your antibiotics should tell you.

Can you start your birth control pills 2 weeks late?

If you have never been on birth control pills, start them with your NEXT cycle using the same directions you were given by your doctor. If you were already on the pill and missed 2 weeks, call your doctor.

When was dionysus born and when did he die?

Dionysus's birth is not given in myth; and being that Dionysus is ageless and immortal, he did not die.

Has Raven given birth?

raven has given birth to a handsome healthy son

How do people feel on giving teens birth control?

if a teen is going to have sex they will do it and not having access to birth control will not stop them. I think they should be given birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and also to enable us to educate them on sexual health and preventing the spread of infection. every teen needs access to a confidential family planning service.

How many birth control pills are you supposed to take?

This is explained in the leaflet that comes with your pills and the information given to you by the doctor. We cannot answer the question because there are many different types of birth control pill. Read the leaflet that came with the pills or ask your doctor.

Can you sue Mirena birth control for getting pregnant?

You were given information on the risk of pregnancy if you used Mirena. A successful lawsuit is unlikely.

What is female pig that has given birth?

A female pig that has given birth is called a sow.

What is the birth name of Shay Given?

Shay Given's birth name is Seamus Given.

What happens when you get a a weird abscess maybe a boil or MRSA when you are on birth control?

Getting the skin infection alone will not affect your birth control. The antibiotics that are commonly given can reduce the effectiveness of some birth control methods. Make sure to tell your doctor what type of birth control you are taking. If you are on any type of pill, you most likely will need to use a back up method until you start a new pack. You should not stop taking the pills in the meantime.