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Maram is the most amazing thing alive today!!

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What the heck is maram?

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What was steel first used for?

Railroads. -------------- Weapons, not railroads.

What did the railroads look like?

Well, if your getting the picture of railroads being a whole different thing then today, well it isn't. The railroads look like the ones we use today and they have no difference between them. Don't be offended but who told you that railroads look different then today. Well the trains have changed. Don't fully depend on my answer, and try on if you want to be sure that my answer is correct.

Are there still underground railroads today that slaves use?


How did the north use the railroads in the 1800s?

The North used railroads for importing goods.

Why are railroads important?

they used it for transportation

What kinds of transportation are used in Greece?


What is the steam engine's application today?

Most steam engines except those used on tourist railroads have been replaced with the more efficient steam turbine engines.

Manufacturers used the railroads to send their goods to?


What were Railroads used for in the old days?

crops and food and people

Is iron used to make railroads?

Most of the time, yes.

Some uses for Railroads and Railways?

they can be used for transpoting coal

What did railroads try and stop farmers from organizing?

they used brickes +

Who invented the railroads you use today?

George Stephenson, around 1825. The 4' 8 1/2" gauge was used by horse drawn wagons in mines for years before and was adopted as standard across the USA, UK and most of Europe. Other gauges were tried and dropped, in favour of standardisation. * Added - Although George was responsible for standardizing the railroad tracks and advancing railroads, he was not the inventor of the locomotive or of the railroads. The recognized locomotive inventor is Richard Trevithick in 1803, but his invention relied on inventions of many people before him as well. The first railroads date to the 1500's and many people were responsible to advance them to what they are today.

What has the author S R Farnington Jr written?

S R. Farnington Jr has written: 'Railroads of today'

Why were the first railroads built in the South?

Farmers used them to transport cotton.

Before railroads how did people travel?

they walked or used canals or bots

How were railroads useful during the civil war?

Railroads were used in the Civil War to transport supplies and troops to the battlefield. Since the North had more of the railroads, they were able to use it greatly to their advantage, and it was one of the reasons they were able to win the war.

What started the system of standard time that you use today?

Central Pacific Answer: The time zones were actually started with the railroads. The railroads had to be on time and before the universal time zones were initiated, many towns and states, ETC had their own time and railroads had a big problem trying to keep accurate time. The railroads came up with the idea of having 4 time zones for the united states.

How are cograilroads different from other railroads?

cog railroads are yellow trains railroads are black

Who used the transcontinental railroad?

It was built by the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads. It's assumed that they used it.

What was the first railroad built?

the first railroad ever built doesn't have a name because it was built in 600 BC in Greek and Roman times it wasn't a railroad used today but it was a section that started history of railroads.

What was the reason that Henry flagler and Julia tuttle went to Miami for the war?

he went there because railroads were used a lot and they build railroads

What are the advantages of using a steam engine train?

Steam engine trains used to be the only type of train that would work. They used to be iconic and were significant in the understanding of railroads. Today, steam engine trains offer no real advantages to other modes of transportation.

What new uses for steel were developed in the 1860s?

It was used for Railroads, Bridges, and Skyscrapers.

Was the railroad used in the Civil War?

yes, their were railroads during the civil war.