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Please be more specific. Many U.S. one dollar coins are considered rare.

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Q: What are rare one dollar coins?
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What Trinidad and Tobago coins are rare?

A hundred dollar coin produced in 1981 and another hundred dollar coin produced in 1976 are considered to be one of the few rare coins produced by Trinidad and Tobago.

How much is your susan b Anthony dollar worth?

Most likely one dollar. These coins are not at all rare.

What is the rare twenty dollar coins?


How rare is a 1935 silver dollar?

For the Peace dollar series 1935 is not a rare coin. The only rare Peace dollar is the 1922 high relief matte proof coins.

Are there any rare 10 dollar 1894 gold coins?

None of these are rare.

How rare is a 1923S Peace Dollar?

The 1923-S Peace dollar is not rare by any means, circulated coins are only $37.00-$41.00. Typical Mint State coins are $47.00-$51.00

What is the new dollar value?

All so-called "golden" $1 coins (both Sacagawea and Presidential Portraits) are standard circulation coins worth one dollar. They do not contain any gold and are not rare.

Are 1972 one dollar coins rare?

No, they are fairly common, unless they are in a mint set they are only worth $1.

Is the george washington gold dollar more rare than the Sacajawea gold dollar?

The answer to your question is NO. None of the one dollar coins that are "gold colored" contain any gold, they're made of brass. Neither coin is rare by any means.

How rare is a 1923 Peace Dollar minted in San Francisco worth?

The 1923-S Peace dollar is not rare by any means, circulated coins are only $37.00-$41.00. Typical Mint State coins are $47.00-$51.00

Are Susan B. Anthony dollar coins rare now?

No. Billions of them sit in drawers and bank vaults. They also are mixed in with modern dollar coins in vending machines.

How rare is a bicentennial silver dollar?

None of the bicentennial dollar coins struck for circulation are rare or even scarce and most dealers don't buy them. Only proof and uncirculated coins sold from the Mint have more than face value.

How much is 1978 silver dollar worth?

These coins are NOT rare and are worth face.

How much is a liberty silver dollar worth as of today in the old rare coins collections?

Of the 14 different series of United States one dollar coins, none are "Liberty Silver Dollars" Please include a date and post new question.

Can you use Franklin Pierce one dollar coin to buy things?

Yes, these coins are legal tender and not so rare that you should not spend them.

How many Benjamin Harrison coins are in circulation?

There is one US coin picturing Harrison and that is the one-dollar coin issued in 2012. They are still legal tender and are not rare.

Where can one find a list of rare coins and their value?

See the related link below for a price guide to US coins. It doesn't point out the rare coins but you can pick these out yourself. Obviously rare coins are worth much more. Coins with a much higher value than others in that category are probably rare or semi-rare.

Are there any rare coins from the Bahamas?

Yes, there are rare coins from the Bahamas. One of the coins is a 1991 Bahamas gold coin where only 500 of them were made

How much do coins from the 1800s cost?

Depends purely on the coin. Anywhere from a dollar for a V nickel to hundreds of thousands if not millions on coins that are rare.

Why is a dollar bill more valuable than coins?

Aside from the one dollar coin, other coins have a face value of less than one dollar. In the past, there were larger value coins, but they haven't been used since the 1930s.

What are some rare coins?

1803 half cent, 1804 silver dollar, 1797 penny

How much is the 1921 unum dollar worth if there is a rare mint mark on it?

In 1921 two different one dollar coins were issued, a PEACE dollar that has no mintmarks for that year and a Morgan dollar that can only have a "D" or "S" mintmark and they are not rare or even scarce, in fact the 1921 Morgan is the highest mintage and lowest value of all Morgan dollars regardless of mintmark. Retail values for circulated coins are $17.00-$19.00 in collectible condition. Mint state coins are only $22.00-$30.00. There's also no coin called a "unum" dollar. That word is part of the national motto "E Pluribus Unum" (from many, one) and is on ALL coins and bills in the US - just check your pocket change.

Alexander had 2 one dollar coins 2 two dollar coins 3 fifty cent coins and 2 twenty coins what is the total amount?


Value of the 1.00 coins?

The One dollar coin is worth one Dollar

How many 2008 Australian One Dollar coins were minted?

There were 30,106,000 2008 Australian One Dollar coins minted for general circulation.