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What are rashes that come and go?

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Sounds like heat rash, cotton underwear and some fresh air should sort it.

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What can you put on a dog's heat rash?

where is the rash? Dogs get rashes from a variety of reasons, some rashes can be from fleas etc, rashes can be come from anywhere, any doubt go to vet. Need more info on your ? Where is the rash

Can you show a list of body rashes?

- - - Arm Pit Rashes Leg Rashes Nose Rashes Ear Rashes - - -

Can you be allergic to hot water?

Yes you can, you get itchy skin and come out in red rashes.

Are there skin rashes associated with diabetes?


Where can I find info on skin rashes?

You can find information on skin rashes at any health clinic. I would advise you to go to a clinic to get it checked and get some sort of ointment to treat it.

How long do poison ivy rashes last.?

Poison ivy rashes last about 1-3 weeks, the itching will go away in approx. 1 week or maybe less. Avoid scratching rashes, or it will turn red and leave scars. You're welcome! -Miss.Helpful

What helps inner thigh rashes go away?

baby powder helps but it does not make it go away. but try it!

Do people have rashes?

Yes, people do have rashes. Even animals.

What do you have if you thought you had tonsillitis but the started o have rashes on your arms and legs?

Go see a doctor.

How do you take away rashes under eyes?

Rashes under your eyes can be a sign of allergies. Go to your doctor and they will give you medicine to treat it. Also, if your eyes are super puffy and/or swollen, Go immediately because it could be severe. Hope this helps =]

When a kid has rashes does it happen in the face?

When anyone has rashes, they can appear anywhere. It is not unnatural for someone to have rashes on their face, so if you are worried, you need not be.

Why do you get rashes?

Rashes are caused by irratation of the skin, allergies, plants, etc.

How long does it take for poison oak to heal?

about 10 days for the rashes and swelling to go away

Why do rashes itch?

Rashes itch due to allergens and other foriegn invaders.

What are symptoms of mersa?

There are several different symptoms that come with MRSA. Some of these symptoms include rashes, pain, and boils that do not improve.

Does hydrogen peroxide really work for rashes?

Yes. It dries up the rash. Go easy with it though

Can Rashes kill you?


Can typhus cause rashes?

Skin rashes are one external symptom of typhus (Rickettsia) infection.

How are rashes treated in alternative medicine?

Alternative treatments for rashes focus on relieving symptoms, clearing the rash, and rejuvenating the skin. There are many forms of alternative medicine that have remedies for rashes.

Is a rash a virus?

some rashes are causedd by common childhood diseases such as measles and chicken pox. however, usually rashes are caused by some external factor such as an allergic reaction to something that has come in contact with the skin, or possible caused by an irritation from the sop you use.

Rashes effect what layer of skin?

Skin rashes have many causes from completely benign to serious reactions. Most skin rashes affect the top layer of skin known as the epidermis.

Is this necessary to have rashes on face for having a baby boy?

Rashes on the face have nothing to do with what sex your unborn child is.

Are rashes common in infancy?

Rashes are extremely common in infancy, and are usually not serious at all and can be treated at home

What are some common causes of body rashes?

Common causes of rashes include many infectious diseases such as chicken pox or measles. Rashes can also be caused by allergies, for example, allergies to detergents.

Where can one learn about skin rash?

You can learn about skin rashes either through books about the skin or on the internet by doing a search about skin rashes. Your doctor can also give you information on skin rashes.