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What are recommendations for eating at the Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World?


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First, the Animal Kingdom is most crowded between 9:30 am and 3:30 pm. Tour early after a hearty breakfast, snack on vendor food and eat a very late lunch. Or, eat lunch offsite, tour the park in the afternoon and then eat dinner either onsite or off.

The best menu items throughout the park are hotdogs and hamburgers, deli sandwiches and (ironically, given the park's animal theme) grilled meats. The Flame Tree Barbeque in Safari Village can't be beat for food quality and atmosphere. Get a quiet table on the waterfront away from the crowds and unwind.

The Rainforest Caf頩s popular with kids. It can also make a good lunch option when you?re visiting other parks. Priority seating is recommended. The Rainforest has entrances from both inside & outside the park. Unlike Epcot?s World Showcase restaurants, for example, you don?t have to pay park admission just to eat at the Rainforest. There is actually a second Rainforest Caf頯n Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. DO NOT EAT AT THE MAGIC KINGDOM RAINFOREST CAFɮ Let?s just say it's food quality is not up to the (rather modest) standards of the rest of the chain.

****Animal Kingdom offers a picnic deal called 'picnic in the park'. For the price of a regular counter service meal per person you get a huge sandwich, side dishes, dessert and bottled water. We always go with friends and get the meal for 4. It has 4 sandwiches, 2 sides (we get a quart of potato salad and 4 single bags of chips) and each person picks dessert (apple, orange, brownie, rice krispie treat). We usually sit and enjoy sandwiches and salad but save the dessert and chips for munching later throughout the day. It also comes with a reusable cloth bag you can use for souvenirs. They do not offer childrens portions for picnic but it is large sandwiches that are plenty for 2 children to share. BTW, there is not a Rainforest Cafe in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, never has been...


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