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Well, im getting red blotches on my breasts too but they dont itch. Im an expert on rashes though. If they itch it may mean that you are not drying them off very well after you take a shower. I personally recomend using baby powder. And if they have bumps on them though and sometimes bleeding, i dont think you should use the powder. You can use cream but for me it doesnt work very well. if you still have problems then i do think you should consult with your doctor(because im no doctor!) Thanks i hope i helped! :)


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Q: What are red blotches on the stomach and breasts that itch?
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What do red blotches on your stomach mean?

Red blotches on your stomach might mean that you are having an allergic reaction to a laundry soap or other allergen. You might also have bug bites, a rash, or even the measles.

What is red blotches on hands that does not itch and is not bumpy?

Red blotches on the skin that are not bumpy or itchy could be any number of things. It could be an allergic reaction to something such as a new detergent or soap. It could also be irritation from clothing. You should see your doctor if it does not clear up.

What is it when a 1 yr old has red blotches on stomach with small bumps?

i think its blood blisters or somethin grose like that

What are Red blotches on breast that itch?

Get it checked out immediately. My sister had red blotches around the nipple area that itched then went away for a while. When it came back, she went to the doctor. It turned out to be pagets disease. A rare form of inflammatory breast cancer. Very rare. She had to have a masectomy. She is doing ok.

What are small bumps on stomach but don't itch not red don't hurt?

Just a rash

What are non-itchy and long lasting red raised spots mostly on your stomach back and chest?

What is four red spots on stomach different sizes, that don't itch?

What is itch?

An itch is where your skin is red and starts infecting it .

What does it mean if you have red blotches everywhere on your body?

does it itch?? Could be from a virus, fever, an allergic reaction... If you're not feeling ill, try taking a benedryl (diphenhydramine). That should lessen it and stop the itching. But definitely see a doctor.

Does lemon juice stop itching?

no soon you will have red blotches

What could cause little red bumps in the back of your throat?

if they are red sort of blotches then they can just be ulcers.

If you get wet whether it be sweat pool or a shower you end up getting blotches that are red and you itch like crazy for about twenty min or so afterwords what is this considered can it be fixed?

probably an allergy, check your doctor, you may need to switch away from chlorine.

What causes red blotchy spots under your breasts and on your stomach?

I am not exactly sure what might cause this. I do know however, that I got them after becoming pregnant, and I have been told that they should go away eventually after the baby is born.AnswerI am 56 years old, fair skined and I have noticed blotches that appear on my breasts and tummy whenever my body is fighting something, usually an infection. I may have a low grade fever before or during. I have seen a GP and a dermatologist, when I am in the midst of one of these attacks and they seem to concur with my guess, as they can find no other reason for the blotches. They disappear in a few days when I am well again. If you are bigger, it could just be heat rash. I get that sometimes.

What are red spots on your stomach chest and back that itch?

It might be a post symptom of Clavicalidis, a disease highly related to your femur bone or it could be small pox.

What would cause a red burning itch rash on stomach belly button area?

You could be allergic to the nickel in the belt buckle, or the button of your jeans if that lands there.

What would cause red blotches on your leg?

Any number of things. Like what?

Why do you get red blotches on your body after showers or swimming I go swimming every friday and shower everyday and everytime i get out of the water my body has itchy red blotches on it?

Sounds as if you might be allergic to the chlorine (or some additive) in the pool. Check with a dermatologist.

What is a red bumpy rash on face chest stomach and buttocks does not itch but scabs after a few days?

My 8 year old son has a rash on his bum and chest its not itchy

Why do you get red blotches on your chest while you eat?

The most logical explanation would be an allergic reaction.

What's an itchy rash that's red with very small bumps on the lower part of your breasts and a little bit of your stomach?

A doctor would have to see it for a diagnosis.

What is a rash with tiny red dots that itch?

I have tiny red bumps that itch on my for arm thigh and leg with no puss or discharge and when scratched they raise and become swollen

What are tiny red circles on skin that itch?


Why does your ear itch and is red?

You PROBobLEY have An ear infection

What is a red rash shaped in a circle that does NOT itch?


What are the small round bright red blotches that appear on your face and they don't itch and are beneath the skin?

Rosacea is the first thing that comes to mind. Although, if you have been coughing or vomiting, they could very well just been broken blood vessels which should disappear within a few days.

What is eximia?

Eczema is a skin condition of which the skin turns dry and there appear to be red blotches on parts of the body.