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Asks the compiler to devote a processor register to this variable in order to speed the program's execution. The compiler may not comply and the variable looses it contents and identity when the function it which it is defined terminates.

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Q: What are register variables What are the advantage of using register variables?
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Advantage of using a CPU register over memory locations?

CPU register is faster than memory loacations

What is the advantage of swapping two variables without using 3 variable?

Nothing. Never do that.

What are register variables?

A register variables is that which got space in CPU internal register sets this requst can be granted or rejected by CPU ,by register veriable the processing speed become much faster for that variable.

What is the scope of register variables?

The block they are declared in.

What are Advantages to Correlation study?

An advantage of using a correlational study is that it allows you to investigate variables that cannot be directly manipulated.

What is the advantage of using a CPU register for temporary data storage over using a memory location?

Simple answer - speed. By using the CPU register, the information is kept "local" to the CPU. By storing a value in a memory location, a lookup has to be performed to retrieve it.

Memory allocation of variables declared in a program is?

in register

Where do register variables get stored?

Either in registers or on the stack.


$_SESSION['name'] = "RAGHAV";

What are the advantage of using pointer in a program?

pointers points to the memory address of another functions we have two kind of variables the actual and dummy variable. when we operate on variables..the value of dummy variables are effected, but if we want to make changes in the actual variable then we have to refer to their address..and we can reach to address of the variables by only using pointers.

What is Advantages of register variables in C?

Faster execution of code.

How do you identify the register variables?

Registry variables can be identified with registry allocation. The programmer will decide on the variables that need to be assigned to the registry, and variables not assigned to the registry will be held in RAM.

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