What are six requirements for being a private investigator?

any information acquired is private until court date comes up. you can be sued for slander if used improperly. can't tap their phone unless you have a court order. you can use microphone dish- they use them in hunting animals so they can hear them coming in the woods. but if recorded person, no admissable in court but judge will listen to it and if person admits to the recording then judge will allow it. if their attorney dimisses it then judge won't allow it. can't tresspass but can sit in car parked across street. * serves as witness for lawyer or client contracts *logs data on actions of person or persons *interviews potential witness concerning a act or client *gathers data thru court house documents= marraige certificates, divorce papers, home data, etc. *people search procedures-thru intenet, government agencies, school records, relatives, etc. etc. *tapes actions with camera or video tape *serves summons for lawyer