What are some Amish symbols?

Amish identity is often connected with outward appearances which symbolize the core of the Amish culture. One example is the color and patterns of clothing worn by the men, women and children. Another outward sign of Amish identity is the horse and buggy.These symbols are so deeply a part of the Amish lifestyle and traditions that they are highly resistant to change. Outwardly, that is. In other words, it is unlikely that the actual colors and patterns of Amish clothing will change. However, out of the public eye, there have been changes in these symbols of Amish culture and identity. Although patterns and colors may not change, the fabric on which the patterns are printed have changed with the times. For instance, the clothing is often made now from modern synthetic materials which are easier to produce and maintain.Likewise, the buggies that are used by the people retain the same external shape, color, and style. However, modern materials such as thermopane and fiberglass are now used to manufacture the buggies.Furthermore, Amish shops and industries utilize modern manufacturing equipment while outside horses are still often used to plow the fields.Another example of the resistance of symbolic change but acceptance of practical change can be seen in the Amish view towards the automobile. In short, the Amish forbid the ownership of automobiles and drivers' licenses but the use of automobiles is generally accepted such as the use of public transportation, Amish taxis, and the use of vans and trucks for business purposes.