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What are some Filipino values?


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June 06, 2014 3:28PM

There are many Filipino values; I can only give you some, but there are much much more!

Hospitality is one of the values that tourists from around the world notice first every time they visit the Philippines. Filipinos took great care of their guests , making sure that they're comfortable and happy in their stay. Filipinos are also family oriented. They value greatly their families, which is always on top of their priorities. Filipinos are also happy people, always smiling and never forget to have a good laugh amidst the problems and hardships that come their ways. Filipinos are very respectful. They show respect to their elders by saying 'po' and 'opo' and kissing their hands. Filipinos are also religious. They devote time to reconnect with God. They have strong faith, believing that problems and adversities in life will surpass with the help and providence of God.