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What are some Filipino values?

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There are many Filipino values; I can only give you some, but there are much much more!

Hospitality is one of the values that tourists from around the world notice first every time they visit the Philippines. Filipinos took great care of their guests , making sure that they're comfortable and happy in their stay. Filipinos are also family oriented. They value greatly their families, which is always on top of their priorities. Filipinos are also happy people, always smiling and never forget to have a good laugh amidst the problems and hardships that come their ways. Filipinos are very respectful. They show respect to their elders by saying 'po' and 'opo' and kissing their hands. Filipinos are also religious. They devote time to reconnect with God. They have strong faith, believing that problems and adversities in life will surpass with the help and providence of God.

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What are the values of Filipino students?

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List of filipino values?

Some Filipino values include love of family, a strong work ethic, and appreciation for beauty.

What are some examples of Filipino values with definition?


What are other examples of Filipino values?

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What are the Filipino personality and values?

Filipino personality and values are hospitality, kind and thoughtful.

What are some 16 Filipino values?

Some Filipino Values:hospitalityindustriousness or industryreligiosityclose family tiesutang na loobpakikisamaclose family ties

What does filipino moral values means?

Moral values refer to any person or group's personal or cultural beliefs and values. "Filipino moral values" implies those values of the Filipino people and culture.

What is meant by desirable Filipino values?

Desirable Filipino values are those values that are socially acceptable and have to be cultivated. An example of a desirable Filipino value is respect for elders.

Characteristics of a Filipino family?

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Some of the Filipino family values?

Some Filipino Family Values 1. Hospitality 2. Respectful of parents and elders 3. Religious 4. Close family ties 5. Generous

Speech choir for Filipino work values?

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How filipino traditions and values similar to the africans?

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What are some example of Filipino values?

One example of Filipino values is family respect. Family is very important, and elderly family members are treated with honor. Frugality is another Filipino value. It is considered improper to be frivolous.

What are common Filipino values?

Common Filipino Values:honestylove and respecthospitalitysolidarity

What are the implied filipino values in noli me tangere?

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Basic values of the Filipino people?

Filipino people are very warm and kindhearted. Some of the values they embody include humility, hospitality, helpfulness, cheerfulness, friendliness, warmth and compassion.

List of good values of filipino kids?

There are a number of good values of Filipino kids. Some of them include being zealous, obedient, kind, respectful and so much more.

What filipino values pose obstacles to your value formation?

The Filipino values that pose obstacles to the value formation are being respectful and selfless. This is an obstacle especially to some of the cultures of the west.

Stories about filipino values?

There are many tales about these values. You can find some in old story books or by looking online.

What is meant by Filipino values?

they are the values or tradition in the Filipino culture that is distinct from other cultures. an example of it is "pagmamano".

What is the history of Filipino values?

Some of the core Filipino values are the solidarity of the family, orientation to small groups, the concept of "loob" (inner self), and optimism about the future. These were influenced by Spaniards and others.

What are the Top 10 Filipino Values?

Some of the top ten Filipino values include hospitality, respect for others, and family. They also value marriage and religion, love, honesty, and solidarity.

What is the importance of filipino cultural values?

The importance of Filipino cultural values is that it helps shape the community. These values gives the Filipinos an identity they can associate with.

What are other example of Filipino virtue?

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What are the desirable Filipino values?

The desirable Filipino values are the : Hospitality , Respect for Elders , Spiritual Wellness , Bayanihan , Pakikisama .