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What are some Irish holidays?

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St. Patrick's day (17th March) St. Bridget's day (1st February)

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Q: What are some Irish holidays?
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What did the Irish contribute to America?

The Irish contributed food,music,and some holidays.

Irish public holidays?

See Holidays link

What kind of holidays does the Irish travel company GoHop offer?

The Irish Travel Company, GoHop, offer to you holidays and cheap flights from Ireland, honeymoons, luxury travel sun holidays from Ireland, last minute holidays flights, all inclusive holidays cheap flights cheap holidays.

What did the Irish immigrants contribute to the US?

They may have provided food,music, art, clothing, and some holidays.

Is Irish soda bread baked only on holidays?


What is the Irish for 'happy holidays'?

Nollaig shona

What holidays does the Irish celebrate?

st patricks day

What traditions do the Irish have?

The Irish celebrate traditional holidays like Halloween and Christmas. The Irish also have rich traditions in folk music and folklore.

What is the Irish Gaelic for happy holidays?

laethanta saoire sona (happy vacation)

A traditional Irish Halloween drink?

It is fun to celebrate the holidays in the manner of other cultures. The Irish drank something called Lambswool on Halloween.

How do you say happy holidays in Gaelic?

Irish: Beannachtaí na Nollag (Christmas blessings)

What are some African holidays?

there are many different holidays....

What are some of Iceland's holidays?

The answer is the same holidays as the U.S

What are some important holidays in Egypt?

There are many important holidays celebrated in Egypt. Most of the holidays practiced in Egypt are from the Islamic religion. Some of these holidays are Ramadan and Eid.

Irish translation of when can you come on holidays?

Cathain a thig leat teacht ar laethanta saoire?

How do you say Holidays in Ireland and Slovenia in Irish?

Laethanta saoire in Éirinn agus sa tSlóivéin

What are some Indian holidays?

One of the Indian holidays are Diwali

What are some political holidays in Ireland?

Ireland has bank holidays and public holidays. None would be considered as being political holidays.

Is it good to celebrate holidays in school?

no,because some kids cant celebrate some holidays

What is the Irish Gaelic translation of Happy Holidays?

(Blessings of the festival/feast-day) sounds like "bannakhtee na fay-le" "Holidays" in Britain and Ireland means "vacation" to Americans.

What are some Hinduism holidays?

the hindusim holidays are diwali holi mahashivaratri

What is the difference between filipino family and Irish family?

There are many differences between a Filipino family and an Irish family. The main difference would be their cultural heritage, their holidays and their customs.

Is childcare common on holidays?

Some people do childcare on holidays but most do not, it is like a vaccation day to some.

What are some Korean holidays?

some a few Korean holidays are, Christmas holidays a diffrence is that they celebrate with there boyfriends husband girlfriend or wife, just like valentines day.

Do Irish people believe in the devil?

Some Irish people do and some Irish people do not.