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What are some WWE Rumors?

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*HBK's real name is Michael Hickenbottom,how lame...Hickenbottom (lol) *Texas Tornado wrestled with a fake leg,many in wwf/wwe didn't know as it was kept kayfabe...I couldn't tell !!! *The CM in CM Punk stands for "cookie monster",a childhood name of Punks *The Ultimate Warrior actually changed his name to "Warrior" he no longer is Jim Hellwig...

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Is Angelina love going to WWE?

there are rumors that wwe is intrested in her we will just have to wait and see

Is Matt hardy quiting WWE?

Their are rumors going around say Matt Hardy and The Hurricane will be leaving WWE to go to TNA. So far they are just rumors.

Is jeffhardy back at WWE?

Not yet. There are rumors that he may be, though.

Why rock leave the WWE?

The rock left wwe to do movies but rumors are going around that he might return to smackdown.

Will roman reigns quit WWE?

No, that is just rumors you read on the internet.

Why isn't Ashley Massaro wrestling anymore?

rumor has it that wwe fired her, due to the rumors that she used to be a escort Girl, these rumors are true

Is Bobby Lashley coming back to WWE in 2012?

There are rumors that lashley is coming back to the wwe but nothing is finalized yet

Who is coming from tna to WWE?

I've heard rumors that Kurt Angle is on line.

Is sheamus the WWE wrestler married with kids?

Some rumors said that, he was married in 2009.. Had a wife and a child.. Some rumors said that, he had a girlfriend but still not married yet.. And, the last rumors that I heard was he is still single.. And I bet, people want to hear that he's still single.. Hehe.. Because, everybody has fallen in love with him.. LOL..!!

Is Bobby Lashley dating?

Yes, Lashley is dating Kristal Marchal !! And I've heard some rumors that he left wwe because of her .. she got fired !!

When is Kevin Nash making his return to WWE?

yes there are rumors going around that he might be.

Has undertaker retired from the WWE?

No, he hasn't, but there are rumors that he will retire with a 20-0 wrestlemania streak

When will cm punk return to the wwe?

There are rumors that CM Punk will return to the WWE in the next month when Sting returns to the ring.It is rumored that CM Punk will return to the WWE when Sting returns.

What are some of the latest rumors out surrounding the WWE?

There is a rumour that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson may be quitting WWE. Movie director Michael Bay has told The Rock that he needs to "grow up and stop wrestling 300lb men".

Is any WWE superstar homo?

As far as I know, no. There have been rumors of both Jack Swagger and Justin Gabriel being gay but those rumors are not true.

Will you be able to put your own music on wwe 09?

I heard rumors online that you probably will be able to.

Is undertaker dead in the WWE?

He's just injured. Rumors say he'll be back at Wrestlemania!!

When will WWE edge return?

There have been rumors that he will return at the royal rumble 2010. But i think he will return before.

Which wrestlers on WWE svr 2010 will be downloadable?

So far, no announcement. There were rumors about Yoshi Tatsu. FALSE!

Can batista return to WWE?

Batista is doing a movie currently in Thailand rumors are moving him coming back after that

Are there any superstars returning to the WWE?

Some rumors have it that the Undertaker might be coming back to the WWE. He probably might come back at Summer Slam. And he could just be taking a break like he always do during this time of the year. KK hoped I helped. *~*

Which WWE divas are still lesbian in 2009?

rumors say Candice,mickie,Michelle mccool and that's all.

Is Goldberg coming back to Wwe 2012?

There are rumors that Goldberg may return to wrestling but nothing is confirmed yet

Has WWE superstar the undertaker retired?

Undertaker hasn't retire but there are rumors that he is going to retire with a streak 20-0. :)

Is batista coming back to the WWE?

Dave Batista might come back,But rumors say he's going MMA