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What are some What are facts about Juan Ponce de Leon?

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he sailed with Christopher Columbus.

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What are some interesting facts about Juan Ponce De Leon?

He found Florida, and he conquered Puerto Rico.

What are some facts about Juan Ponce De Leon?

he was conquered and made puerto rico's governor in 1508

What year did ponce de leon go to Florida?

Some people say it is 1513 but his full name is Juan Ponce de Leon

What equipment did Juan Ponce De Leon use?

The Spanish Juan Ponce de Leon used many Spanish items such as a conquistador helm, just a basic sword, and some food and supplies.

Who are some famous Spanish floridians?

there is juan ponce de leon he found the state Florida

What was the supplies that Juan de leon ponce need for his voyage?

Juan Ponce De Leon needed supplies for his voyage FYI (for your information) put up some answers I'm doing a project on him don't be so selfish gosh

What were some obstacles for Juan Ponce de Leon?

Indians ambushed him and got shot in the thigh by an arrow.

Where did juan ponce de leon sail?

well first he sailed to Florida then some other places

What were some hardships that Juan Ponce De Leon had?

he got shot in the leg by a Indian with a bow with poison on it.

What are some facts about ponce de leon?

POnce de leon was the first spanish man to set foot on Florida and he was also one of the people that went on columbases second voyage!!!!

Who did Juan ponce deleon sail with?

Juan Ponce De Leon sailed with Christopher Columbus on many different occasions for many different expeditions. Some expeditions even to Japan...& of course Florida.

Did Juan Ponce De Leon bring back some native Americans?

actually many after he was governor of Florida

What are some Quotes from Juan Ponce De Leon?

He once said "Anteater to poison arrow make yum-yum!"

What was some of the struggles juan ponce de leon faced?

He had ALOT of struggles,Most on his ship,diseases and storms just to name a few

Was Juan Ponce De Leon successful on his journey?

Ponce de Leon never found the Fountain of Youth that he was looking for. In that sense, he was unsuccessful. However, he explored territory, claimed it for his country, and came back alive. Some people would consider that to be success.

What were some of ponce de leon's accomplishments?

Ponce de Leon had many accomplishments during his life. For instance, he governed Puerto Rico, he gave Florida it's name, and he helped settle the island of San Juan.

What are some main events on Juan ponce De Leon journey?

peeing pooing sleeping eating walking playing video games explodeing saying goofingshkwak

Where did Juan Ponce de Leon get shot?

Ponce de León was injured by a poisoned arrow to the shoulder, or perhaps in the thigh as some historians state. Perhaps the best answer would be to state simply that he was shot in Florida and died in Havana.

Who were some of the people that Juan met on his search?

Juan Ponce de Leon was the name of a Spanish explorer who lived from 1474 until 1521. Some of the people that he met during his search for land included Christopher Columbus and Nicolas de Ovando.

What Are Some Discoveries By Juan Ponce De Leon?

he tried to find the fountain of youth and gold but never found them as you know gold was dicovered in 1848 but did find Puerto Rico and Florida

Who discovered the Caribbean islands?

Some books have tell that the Caribbean islands were discovered by lots of explorers like Christopher Columbus with the Bahamas in 1503 and Juan Ponce De Leon with Puerto Rico in 1508 and some of them.

Was juan ponce de leon educated?

Very Little is known about his early life, but it seems that he was a member of a distinguished and influential noble family.So you can take it for granted that there was some formal education given.

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