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Windsor Castle is 1,000 years old and 484,000 square feet. Its grounds are spread over 13 acres. In all, 300 people live and work there. A royal librarian oversees a priceless collection of 300,000 books, prints and drawings. The fendersmith, whose family has worked at Windsor Castle for generations, maintains more than 300 fireplaces throughout the castle. Rain or shine, the castle flagman, a retired soldier, raises the royal standard above the castle whenever the Queen is in residence. At Queen Elizabeth's state dinners, each pat of butter is individually hand rolled and stamped with a royal crown.



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Q: What are some Windsor castle What are facts?
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Facts about windsor castle?

it has 1600 rooms

How tall is Windsor Castle?

how to is windsor castle

What is the windsor castle made of?

stone and some other stuff well windsor castle is made out of stone and wood

Why is the Windsor Castle important?

The Windsor Castle is a royal residence in Windsor, England.

Where can one book a hotel room near Windsor Castle?

There are a few hotels near the Windsor Castle where an interested person can book a room. Some of those hotels include Macdonald Windsor, Mercure Windsor Castle Hotel and Holiday Inn Express Windsor.

Why was windsor castle built in windsor?

Because it's called windsor castle, loser.

How has the design of Windsor castle changed over time?

i think the windsor castle guards are changed as well as the design of the castle. in the windsor castle the time of the king henry he used married in the windsor castle while Queen was not married in the castle................

Where abouts was windsor castle built?

Windsor castle was built in Windsor, in the English county of Berkshire

What was built first Hampton court or windsor castle?

windsor castle

What river is Windsor castle on?

Windsor Castle is near the River Thames.

What country is Windsor Castle?

Windsor castle is in england hope this helps

How many bedrooms in Windsor Castle?

Windsor castle has twelve to fourteen bedrooms.

About the windsor castle?

For the layout and history of Windsor Castle, click the link below.

Where is Windsor Castle?

Windsor, Berkshire Windsor Castle is located in Berkshire (pronounced Barksheer) England, United Kingdom.

Where is Windsor castle located?

It is in England to the west of London The address is Windsor Castle Windsor Berkshire SL4 1NJ

What were some famous castes in England?

Windsor Castle, Tintagel Castle, Alnwick Castle. In Scotland there is Edinburgh Castle and in Wales Caernarvon Castle.

What is special about windsor castle?

Windsor Castle has been around since the middle ages and it is also the royal residence of Windsor.

What is the largest inhabited castle in the world?

Windsor Castle, in Windsor in the English county of Berkshire

Who lives in the windsor castle now?

Windsor Castle is still the official residence of The Queen.

When was Windsor Castle built?

windsor castle was built around 1070 by William the Conqueror

What is the name of a castle?

There is:Windsor CastleWarwick CastleThe Castle of London

Where was windsor castle built?

Windsor castle was built in Windsor, in the English county of Berkshire. (: To elaborate on the answer above, Windsor Castle is located in Windsor, Berkshire, England (UK). Its coordinates are: 51° 29′ 2″ N, 0° 36′ 16″ W.

What is the oldest castle in England?

The Windsor Castle

How many rooms in Windsor Castle?

There are 1600 rooms in Windsor Castlehow do u know

What are the defensive features of windsor castle?

the defensive features of Windsor castle are anything u want