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you can use whatever finish you want on it or none at all

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Q: What are some advantages to buying an unfinished door?
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What are some advantages of having unfinished wood flooring?

Advantages of unfinished wood flooring is that one can create their own unique finish. Finishing unfinished wooden floors after they have been installed helps to keep the natural characteristics of the wood.

Where are the best places to get unfinished cabinets from?

I love wooden doors in my kitchen and am considering buying unfinished cabinets. However, I'm not sure where the best place to purchase them from and want some suggestions for this.

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What are the advantages of buying a car from Honda?

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What are some advantages in buying investment property?

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What are the advantages of buying gift cards for gifts?

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What are some types of unfinished wood furniture available?

There are many types of unfinished wood furniture. Furniture such as end tables, coffee tables and book shelves are all available unfinished at stores like Walmart or Target.

What are some of the main advantages of a high efficiency washer and dryer?

There are many advantages to buying high efficiency appliances. You will save money. You will use less electricity, which is good for the environment, both locally and globally.

Why do you dream of an unfinished house?

The unfinished house is a metaphor of your life. Depending on your age and situation, it could simply illustrate your immaturity in the sense of being unfinished - you are not yet the person you are growing up to be. On the other hand, it might suggest that you have neglected some important area of your life, and that you have unfinished business that needs your attention.

What are some antonyms for the word complete?

partial, unfinished or incomplete

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What are the advantages to having a glass door knob?

Glass door knobs usually offer old world charm along with functionality. In addition some more modern glass door knobs can be more customer-specific crafted to allow for more choices and options.

What are the advantages of opting for wood door bookcases instead of ordinary shelves?

Some people prefer wood door bookcases for the aesthetic appeal. However, the principle function of a wood door bookcase is to protect the books inside from the environment (i.e. if there is a lot of humidity or moisture).

What are some advantages for a Kindle?

Here is one: you can buy books on it and read books directly from it, instead of going to a bookstore and buying one you can buy it wherever you are. ~hope this helps!~

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