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What are some basic law terms?

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plaintiff, defendant, judge, legal brief, binding arbitration, litigation,

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What are basic law of continua?

basic law of continua

What are some common basic principles of law developed by the Romans?

Some of the basic principles of law developed by the Romans include contracts and insurance. Contracts made it easy for people to do business with strangers.

What are waste depots?

It is in basic terms a place where some kind of waste is stored or recycled.

What are some Jewish law?

There are 613 commandment which are the basis for thousands of laws and customs. The most basic law is: Love your neighbor as yourself.

What are the basic geometric terms?


What are the 2 basic categories of law?

it is civil law and criminal law

Is law and rule of law synonymous terms?


The basic law of a nation or state?

common law

What are the basic terms or undefined terms in geometry?

The three undefined terms in geometry are:POINTLINEPLANEUNDEFINED means like it hasn't been found or an object of some sort that it doesnt know what it means

What is the abbreviation of daughter and brother-in-law?

Some people use "d-i-l" as an abbreviation for daughter-in-law and "b-i-l" as an abbreviation for Brother-in-law. Others do not recognize any abbreviations for these terms.

3 basic terms in geometry?

Plane, line and point. These are terms that are universally called the terms that cannot be defined.

Are developed countries are rule on their own terms?

Countries are described as developed based on economic terms. Most have moved beyond farming and basic subsistence to managing their resources and have some industry.

What are some basic israeli laws?

Israel is a democracy, therefor her rules are democratic laws.Before israel born the British law controled, after israel born she used the British laws as a basic to the law system.Until today some of the British laws still used in Israel .

What is a city's basic law?


Law of basic and lasting importance that is contained in a constitution is?

fundamental law

Law of basic and lasting importance that is contained in a constitution?

fundamental law

Where can one learn more online on budgeting and forecasting?

Some of the websites which would be a good start for really basic advice would be brighthub (for free guides on this subject) and Small Business NSW (for some basic definitions of terms).

What are the basic terms of football?

Americans, Indians etc.

Which terms does not refer to a basic musical texture?


What is the basic law of a politically organised body called?

The basic law of a politically organized body is called a constitution. This is based on common law and will have the values and polices of the political body.

What are some basic ballet terms and their English meaning?

for example... fondu, to melt developpe, to develop frappe, to whip chasse, to chase

When Using Ohms law express conductance in terms of current and voltage?

how do you use ohms law express conductance in terms of current and voltage?

What is the basic law of the land?

The basic "Law of the Land" is simply the Supreme Court and their verdicts.Another View: (in the US) It is the United States Constitution

What are the 3 basic formulas for OHM's LAW?

The 3 basic formulas for Ohm's Law are :V=IRI=V/RR=V/I

Is my brother's wife my sister in law?

Yes. The term "sister-in-law" is used for two types of relationships:The wife of your brotherThe sister of your wifeSome languages may have some different terms for these two cases, but in English they're both "sister-in-law".