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What are some benefits of gamma rays?

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Gamma Rays can help to kill cancer cells.

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What are the benefits of gamma rays?

no i was asking you the stupid question

What is electromagnetic waves with the highest frequenices?

Gamma rays.Gamma rays.Gamma rays.Gamma rays.

How are gamma rays used?

Gamma rays are used to treat some forms of cancer.

Which has a higher frequency gamma rays or ultraviolet rays?

Gamma rays have the higher frequency.Gamma rays have the higher frequency.Gamma rays have the higher frequency.Gamma rays have the higher frequency.

What kind of gamma ray can penetrate solids?

Gamma rays are gamma rays are gamma rays.

Can gamma kill you?

Yes, gamma rays can kill in some conditions.

Which has greater frequency x-ray or gamma rays?

Gamma rays do.

Which is stronger gamma-rays or x-rays?


What are some examples of Radiant Energy?

x rays gamma rays

Are there problems with gamma rays?

no gamma rays are the best

What charge do gamma rays have?

Gamma rays do not have a charge.

What are some future possibilities of gamma rays?

Of course the future of gamma rays is the hulk and captain america but thats just me....

Which has a higher frequency gamma rays or x-rays?

Gamma rays have the higher frequency.

Disadvantages of electromagnetic waves?

Some are dangerous, such as ultraviolet rays, gamma rays, and x-rays.

How Do Gamma Rays Work?

Gamma Rays are very powerful

What are gamma rays crest?

gamma rays are Vincent is weird

Why are radioactive isotopes that emit gamma rays useful for treating some forms of cancer?

Gamma rays can destroy malign cells.

What is the difference between gamma rays and infrared rays?

The main difference between gamma rays and infrared rays is in their wavelengths. Gamma rays have the shortest wavelengths while infrared rays have longer wavelengths. Gamma and infrared rays are types of electromagnetic radiation.

Are gamma rays neutrons?

No, gamma rays are not neutrons. They are electromagnetic rays or electromagnetic energy.

What is x-ray and gamma rays?

Cathode rays generate x-rays and gamma rays are electromagnetic radiation. Gamma rays have very high penetration power.

Do gamma rays travel at the speed of light?

Gamma rays travel exactly the speed of light because gamma rays are light

Are gamma rays shorter or longer then x-rays?

Gamma rays have shorter wavelength than X-rays. Some times X rays might have shorter wavelength than that of gamma rays. Why so? The main reason is that we assign name to the electromagnetic radiations just based on the method of production. X-rays are produced by stopping the fast moving electrons But gamma rays come out the nuclear reaction.

Do gamma rays enter the body?

Yes, gamma rays will enter and also pass through less dense areas of your body. X-rays are gamma rays, and the reason they work is because denser areas of the body, like bone, block some of the gamma rays from getting to the x-ray film across from the emitter.

Do gamma rays really work?

YES,gamma rays will kill you.

What are gamma rays wave length?

what is the wave length for gamma rays

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