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Some careers that I know of that need a Psychology background include: psychologist, psychiatrist, child psychologist and therapists (not physical therapists obviously)

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Q: What are some careers that need a psychology background?
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Related questions

What careers need a physics background?

Most all engineering careers. Some health related fields to include those pursuing medical school, radiology, etc.

What are some careers one can get with a Degree in Psychology?

There are several career possibilities for careers with a BA in psychology. Among them are case management, career counselor, rehabilitation specialist, and psychiatric technician.

What are some potential careers for a person with a psychology major?

Some common careers after obtaining a bachelor's degree in psychology are in the social services field. This include such things as as career counselor, a rehabilitation specialist, and even in case management.

What are some careers in psychology?

You can do so much with a psychology degree these days. You can have a career in anything from Health Psychology to Forensic Psychology. The key now days is to have at least a bachelors if not a masters in this field, normally you have to before they will even take you seriously.

What careers in psychology pay well?

Many potential psychology majors choose to go into sports psychology. Which is also a very good paying field, some students even get to meet famous athletes.

Why do police need to study psychology?

To understand critical situations, such as interrogation and arrests. Police have to deal with a variety of people - usually with a negative connotation, and it is beneficial to have some background in psychology to better understand the thought process behind a person's actions.

What are some career options for psychology majors?

Psychology majors can pursue a great variety of careers. These include being a therapist, counselor, and human resources coordinator. They can also pursue doing research as a career for the field of psychology.

Can you enter psychology college without having psychology subject in high school?

Yes you can. It would have been beneficial to have some background in the subject, but it is not a requirement. My bachelor's degree is in psychology, and I never had a psychology course in high school.

What are some careers that use biology and psychology?

There are a multitude of careers for which a biology degree might be useful such as, Doctor, Dentist, Nurse, Teacher or Professor, with a biology degree you could also become a Physicians Assistant. A psychology degree could be used for a psychologist, guidance counselor, pastor etc.

What career involves Anthropology and Psychology?

There are different careers which involve anthropology and psychology. Some of common ones include animal psychologist, clinical research officer in biology and so much more.

What is the career in psychology?

Some careers in psychology are psychologists, researcher, psychology teacher in high schools or colleges. Be a psychologist at schools, most schools have a school psychologists to help students. Researcher, would be a person who researches a certain area of psychology because there are many things still unknown about psychology. Many schools have psychology as a class, so a person could be a psychology teacher.

What are some common careers in Psychology?

There are many thing you in the field of Psychology. Some of them being; Vocational counselor, school Psychologist, counselor, genetic counselor, forensic psychologist, engineering psychologist, clinical psychologist, sports psychologist, and special ed teacher.

What requirements do you need to find a job at NASA?

Most jobs at NASA require some formal education. NASA encourages their employees to have a background in science as well as math. Many of the careers at NASA are science related.

Will it be so hard to start journalism careers with a engineering background?

It will not be as hard as some thing to switch careers to journalism because you already have some knowledge in one field therefor I think it will be a lot easier to apply what you know to the new career

How can you get in to forensic psychology?

To become a forensic psychologist you will need a doctoral degree in psychology. You will need to major in counseling or clinical psychology. You will also need to study law. After your education is complete you will need to be trained and have some experience, then you will be able to become board certified.

What subjects do you need to study forensic psychology?

Some form of maths, chemistry, sociology, psychology etc.

What are some good careers in the home decor business?

If you are serious about careers in the home decor business, consider some college courses first. These will give you a strong background. Then your choices might be interior design, home staging, party staging, painting and wall papering.

Can you list 10 careers that can be found in music?

Some careers in music are singer, songwriter, record producer, recording engineer, and booking agent. Other jobs in music are DJ, session musician, background singer, and concert promoter.

What job can get with an liberal arts degree?

A liberal arts degree may not provide you with the specialized knowledge required for some more lucrative careers, but it does provide you with the educational background for many careers that require only a bachelor's degree with no specialization.

Do all careers use mathematics?

Not all... some don't need mathamatics..

How can I get enough education to become a corrections officer?

There are programs in law enforcement that focus on becoming a Correctional Officer. What is required for the position depends on the hiring agent. Some positions may require a degree in the field or a related field, while others may require no special background. Some Corrections Officers are former police officers; others have a background in social work or psychology. Read more about the career here:

Are there any good careers in Hematology?

There are some great careers in Hematology if you are looking to study blood. They get paid very well and you do not need a lot of school to get a job.

Do all careers need some sort of math?

Yes. We don't always notice the use of math, in the jobs we do, but all jobs involve the use of math in one form or another. We teach Math in school because in our modern world we do need to know some Math. However some careers need less difficult Math then others.

Evaluating Careers in Psychology?

There are many types of occupations for people who are interested in the field of psychology. The following are some tips to consider. Someone who's interested in helping teenagers may pursue a psychology degree to work in a public school. A person who wants to study behaviors of criminals may become a criminal psychologist. A psychology graduate with interest in counseling young children may want to work in a children's hospital.

What are some psychology programs available at schools?

A large variety of psychology programs are available at schools. Some of the most common psychology programs available are Linguistic Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Educational Psychology.