What are some countries that use oligarchy government?

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North Korea
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What is the structure of an oligarchy and what are some past or present countries with an oligarchy?

An oligarchy is "rule by the few". It does not specify how those few are defined, though traditional methods are by membership in some organization, birth into a specific set of families (or social class/caste), or wealth. In modern usage, it generally EXCLUDES forms of government like a monarchy ( Full Answer )

What countries have oligarchy?

The word oligarchy comes from two Greek words; oligo meaning fewand arkhein meaning to rule. Hence, an oligarchy is a system wherethe power is in the hands of small elite group rather than ademocracy where it is theoretically in the hands of all the people.It is now usually associated with abuse of ( Full Answer )

What country is an Oligarchy?

Oligarchy is a form of power structure in which power effectively rests with a small number of people. These people could be distinguished by royalty, wealth, family ties, corporate, or military control, but in modern usage the term usually refers to government buy a small number of wealthy people. ( Full Answer )

Countries with oligarchy?

countries with an oligarchy goverment are literally "countries ruled by a small group of people". A good example is present Saudi Arabia, formally a kingdom run by one king but in fact being completely run by the members of the House (the extended family) Saud; hence the name of the country.

Why did ancient Greece change into an oligarchy government?

Ancient Greece and it's Government Ancient Greece had many governments. The reason for this is that Greece has many city-states that have a large amount of distance in between each other. These are monarchies, oligarchies, tyrannies and democracies. Aristotle divided Greek governments ( Full Answer )

What countries have Oligarchy form of government?

im not sure...im trying to find the answer my self partly America. we have a mix of democracy, oligarchy, republic, Constitutional, and alot of other ones i don't know of...but don't put that answer on your homework or something cause I'm no good at social studies.

What countries use oligarchy?

Cuba Venezuela North Korea Tunisia it can be found in cuba, north korea, and tusanmi and idk google

What countries are an oligarchy?

First of all not many people know what an oligarchy is. It means when a small group of people have all the power. The group gets its power from either military, wealth or social status. E.g.: China, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, North Korea some countries in South America.

What country is oligarchy?

an oligarthy is a country where the means of production and sales are owned and controlled by the state. Regular citizens do not have authority to invent or build their own organizations.

Advantage and disadvantage of oligarchy in forms of government?

An oligarchy is any type of government in which power is held by relatively few people. An oligarchy may take many different forms. For example, a republic may be an oligarchy if only a relatively few people have the right to vote. In most oligarchies, the ruling group has power because of its wealt ( Full Answer )

What Country has an oligarchy government?

An oligarchy is a control system of in which a small groups are in charge (rule by a few). It can be believed that any system eventually evolves into an oligarchy (the iron law of oligarchy) . According to this school of thought, 21st Century democracies should be considered as oligarchies because ( Full Answer )

Where was oligarchy used?

Obligarchy was used in ancient Greece. It was made up of about 5 people. Because they chose themselves to be leaders, it was like a dictatorship. They were the dictators.

What countries are oligarchy in Europe?

There are no countries in Europe or the world who have an oligarch government. The oligarchy was created in Ancient Greece and it is a rule by a small group of people, usually the wealthiest.

Oligarchy form of government?

If you are asking what oligarchy is, it is a type of government where a group of people control the country.

Why is oligarchy a bad government?

Oligarchy was a bad government because they made the citizens pay more money and if the citizens couldn't pay up, then the were sold to slavery.

Is an oligarchy government a limited government?

An oligarch is a government that is ruled by a limited part ofthe population of a country. There are narrow-based oligarchies,where only a few control government, and broadly based oligarchieswhere a wider group shares power.

What way was Spartan government like an oligarchy?

Well, democracies. In an oligarchy (AH• luh • GAHR • kee), a few people hold power. In a democracy (dih •MAH• kruh• see), all citizens share in running the government. The oligarchy of Sparta (SPAHR• tuh) and the democracy of Athens (A â ( Full Answer )

What current countries are oligarchies?

An oligarchy is a country ruled by a small group of authoritarian rulers, like a dictatorship, but with more than one dictator. China, which is ruled by the Communist Party Politburo Standing Committee, could be considered and oligarchy. Burma/Myanmar (just which name to use is controversial, not a ( Full Answer )

What is one definition of an oligarchy government?

a form of government in which ruling power is in the hands of a few leaders (who are wealthy ) oligos - few arkein - rule How was this form of government practiced in ancient Greece ? Political decisions were made by astrocrats (wealthy) and selected middle class people , ordinary people had no s ( Full Answer )

What are some disadvantages of oligarchy government?

Oligarchy places all of the power in the hands of a few eliteofficials. This can lead to corruption and gross abuse of power,because the "kings" don't have to answer to anyone.

Which country practices oligarchy?

One nation that is an oligarchy today is the country of Russia. Itis ruled by a wealth elite group of people seeking even more wealthand power.

Who governs oligarchy?

An oligarchy is a form of government that has a long history in human society. One of the most famous ones were in the ancient Greek City State of Sparta. In an oligarchy the power in the government is centered around a relatively few number of people. This small number can come from a family or a g ( Full Answer )

Countries ruled by a oligarchy government?

The Russian Federation has been considered an oligarchy since thecollapse of the Soviet Union. Privately owned corporations such aspetroleum, natural gas, and metal producers have created theseoligarchs.

What limits the power of the government in an oligarchy?

An oligarchy is a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few. Which means the voting and decision making process is done with only a select group of people who are the ones ruling as a group. its like as if the 1st class g ( Full Answer )

Use oligarchy in a sentence?

Ok, well here's my sentence. I just learned what oligarchy was and I took a test on it. An oligarchy is a type of government in which a few people rule. So here's a sentence. "My country uses an oligarchy to rule our country, in which a few people are elected to make decisions for us!

What is an Oligarchy type of government?

From the Greek words that mean "rule by a few," it exists where the rulers are either wealthy or part of the family lineage or part of the military regime. Technically, there could be other "small segments" that might be in control, but these are the common ones.

Who holds power in an oligarchy government?

An Oligarchy is a base form of government, it is not a structure; it is a type of philosophy (for lack of better words). The Royalty of England was an Oligarchy, the Nazi's of Germany were an Oligarchy (with a totalitarian administration). Oligarchy means that the power of government rests in a smal ( Full Answer )

Which country in the world is Oligarchy?

There are no countries with the government of an oligarchy today. Some argue many Western European countries are, but in reality they are not.

Is their a country that is run by an oligarchy government?

Well, there's China. First response is accurate. A another example is the government ofthe Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. This is commonly referredto as North Korea. Although China is run by a communist party, itis a huge nation and has a huge government. Speaking in terms ofoligarchy, only e ( Full Answer )

Who governs a oligarchy?

An oligarchy is a government in which a relatively small group of people govern a nation. Common citizens have no votes concerning the individuals who comprise the oligarchy. They normally have only the rights granted to them by the oligarchy. Sometimes the membership of an oligarchy is based on a ( Full Answer )

How do some dictatorships and oligarchies try to make it seem as if the people have a say in the government how does the government really control the people?

To provide the illusion of the people having power, various governments have things like elections and grievance processes. If you are electing leaders, elections are of little use if you only have 1-2 approved parties and all the choices are pretty much the same. Grievance processes may be hindered ( Full Answer )

What is another country with oligarchy?

Russia and China still use oligarchy in the today world. They are small communist countries that still holds power using military, money and been highly sociable.

How was oligarchy practiced as government in ancient Greece?

Power was concentrated in a governing council comprised of the richand powerful. The council made laws, levied taxes, ran thearmy/navy. The general mass of the people might be consulted intimes of crisis to get their support, but otherwise the councilruled. There were also broad-based oligarchies w ( Full Answer )

How was oligarchy used in Greece?

Ummm.... I think the Spartans used it.... and it's when several people have supreme power. The Athenians used democracy. Not sure haw much this helps.

When was an oligarchy government?

Oligarchy originated in ancient Greece and meant 'rule of the few'.The few means anything short of the full population, and could benarrow- a group of aristocrats, or broadly-based, such as all thosewho were landowners and warriors. In modern usage it applies to themore limited definition, but most ( Full Answer )

When did oligarchies the government in Greece start?

After the ouster of kings. This happened at different times indifferent cities, but was almost universal by the late 7th Century.Sparta retained a dual kingship, but the kings were used as warleaders and for religious ceremonial duties, with a limiteddemocratic government.