What are some differences between China and Japan?

The Chinese speak Mandarin-Chinese (although for many this is a second language); there are over a billion of them mostly along the coast; they are Communist but with strong almost capitalistic tendencies when it comes to international trade. The Japanese speak Japanese (which is not at all related to Chinese; Chinese is a Sino-Tibetan language whereas Japanese is a Uralic language); there aren't anywhere near as many Japanese as Chinese, but their cities are still fairly crowded; the Japanese have a constitutional monarchy like the British and are most definitely capitalist in nature.

originally there were no Japanese, the Chinese inhabited the Japanese islands, which were named something else then. Eventually the Japanese themselves developed somehow from these people. Kanji which are Chinese characters which were used to write Japanese.. just like how the English alphabet is really latin or something; however problems arose with kanji being used for Japanese because of the differences in their language, therefore they made 2 other alphabets called , ひりがな(Hirigana) and かたかな(Katakana)... which are phonetic. These were simplified from kanji. the Japanese write with a mixture of all 3 alphabets

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