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Anything can distract you. Here are the Top Kid Distractors:

  • cellphone - just the little alert noise when you have a text is distracting!
  • internet - don't even have it on in the background!
  • television
  • music - soft, instrumental music is OK but anything else is distracting!
  • other people talking to you
  • Video Games
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Your homework may not be a subject that you are interested in, which means you would have to consentrate harder not to be distracted. You could be in a loud enviroment with people doing things you would like to be doing, in which case you might need to select a quieter and less active place to study.

Here are some things you can do to get rid of distractions:

  • Turn OFF the cellphone - even the little alerts that let you know you got a text or email are distracting!
  • Turn OFF the internet - just having it on in the background is too tempting!
  • Turn OFF the TV and the video games
  • Switch the music to soft, instrumental songs that studies show can actually help you to focus
  • Find a quiet place to study without a lot of talking or stuff going on in the background
  • Have all of your materials before you get started so you don't have to keep getting up and looking for stuff
  • Get enough sleep - kids and teens usually need 10 hours a night, and if you're tired, you get distracted more easily!
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Q: What are some distractions from school work?
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Why are cell phones unnecessary at school?

They can cause cyber bullying and distractions.

What is the main reason why electronics is a bad idea in school?

bullying lack of privacy distractions

How control errors in your work?

You can control errors in your work by working carefully, slowly, and efficiently. Concentrate on your work and minimize distractions.

How do your surroundings affect your reading comprehension How might you minimize distractions while you are reading for your class assignments?

Your surroundings should be relatively quiet so that you can really understand and absorb what you are reading. If you have a lot of noise or other distractions going on you can't really understand or comprehend what u are reading because you have to deal with what is going on. While reading your class assignments you could minimize your distractions by doing your school work somewhere quiet maybe your house, coffee shop or your office. Also having a specific time and place in your schedule to sit down and concentrate on your work. Some people need total silence others might need a little noise of some sort.

What are the advantages of wearing school uniforms?

The advantages of wearing your school uniforms are it helps maintain school discipline. Uniforms reduce social conflict and violence in the school. You will have no distractions during school or your classes.

Who is at risk for dropping out of high school?

students who do poor in school due to no motivation, family issues, or distractions. peer pressure can also influence students' focus and performance in school.

What are some good distractions for teachers?

A good teacher doesn't get distracted.

How do people do a book report in one day?

they work really hard and don't have any distractions

How hard is high school?

It is not bad but there are lots of distractions. Concentrate on your studies, have a little bit of fun, and you'll be fine.

Why have they banned phones at my school?

Probably `cause they're big distractions and the don't want TikTok dances in their schoolyard.

What does tease mean?

to irritate or provoke with persistent petty distractions,trifling raillery,or other annoyance often at school for me

When was Distractions - song - created?

Distractions - song - was created in 1989.