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What are some early warning signs of earthquakes?


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When the ground starts 2 shake you should start runnin


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Some early warning signs of breast cancer are a strange lump that does not appear to be normal and some irregular discharge that is not milky. Another sign is dimpling in the breast.

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Symptoms of colitis vary from patient to patient and some symptoms are not apparent to the patient. Some signs include problems with digestion.

No one knows exactly when a volcano will erupt however some early warning signs that can start weeks if not months in advance include increased frequency of earthquakes along with releases of ash.

If you take the past earthquakes and study them and how they were you can find out about where some future earthquakes might be then you can provide a warning for earthquakes about 10% of the time.

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Tsunamis are related to earthquakes in that earthquakes happen underwater, creating Tsunamis. Volcanoes are somewhat related to earthquakes in that some warning signs of volcanoes are tiny earthquakes, created by the movement of magma and the swelling of the volcano. Other than that, I don't think so.

There are nine warning signs of prostate cancer in men. Some of the warning signs are frequent urge to urinate, difficultly in urinating, and the difficulty in having an erection.

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Some warning signs are extreme muscle fatigue, and dark (cola or tea colored) urine. If you experience these, get yourself looked at by a medical professional immediately.

The most characterisitc warnign sign is the ocean receding in the minutes before the tsunami hits. Most tusnamis are triggered by earthquakes, but it is not uncommon to get tsunamis from earthquakes thousands of miles away, where you can't feel them. Additionally, only some earthquakes are capable of generating tsunamis.

You can't have any early warnings of a earthquake, however I can give you some information. When there is about to be a earthquake the tectonic plates move together and can create some massive earthquakes. however, there are some earthquakes that you can predict. When there is about to be a earthquake, certain people will tell you right away on the news. Like we all know about the earthquake in Haiti, that was unpredictable. so there are earthquakes we can predict, and some we can't. Sometimes when the ground shakes it is normally the sign of an earthquake - however this isn't 100% certain, and it costs a lot to do an evactuation, and if it's a false alarm it costs the government a lot of money, so many LEDCs (Lower Economically Developed Countries) cannot afford the mistake. Earthquakes are near impossible to predict, and even with today's technology we are no closer to predicting earthquakes.

there are no early warning systems to an earthquake, the only warning you get is minutes before the actual earthquake strikes due to earth tremor's.

Lots of signs some are vomiting, diahera, not eating, not moving around as much.

sore throat, fever, stiff neck.

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small tremors and general uneveness. sometimes large mudslides will occur before an earth quake. seisomagraphs are instruments used for detecting earthquakes and tremors. you can look up how to make one on the net

The earthquakes in the hours leading up to the eruption.

Some of the warning signs of congenital heart failure are fluid filling up in the lungs, less of a appetite and becoming out of breath easily and not falling to sleep unless sitting fully upright.

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