What are some ethical issues affecting healthcare?

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give 2 ethical issues affecting health care?
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What is ethical issues?

A problem or situation that requires a person or organization tochoose between alternatives that must be evaluated as right(ethical) or wrong (unethical)

What are ethical issues?

Ethical issues are problems or dilemmas involving moral compromise. They can arise anywhere. They can be thought of on a societal scale, like, "should be people be allowed have a gay marriage", or on an individual level, like if a priest wants to reserve the right to refuse marrying a same-sex co ( Full Answer )

What are the ethical issues on marijuana addiction?

weed has no physical addiction potential. when stopping use, the smoker may really want a spliff but there are no prevailent withdrawal symtoms . weed has no physical addiction potential. when stopping use, the smoker may really want a spliff but there are no prevailent withdrawal symtoms

What the ethical issues in distribution of aproduct?

Slotting allowance is an example of a distribution-related issue (Crane & Matten,2010). This is where smaller suppliers don't have as much probability in getting their products on shelves compared to large suppliers, because they cannot afford as much shelf space, regardless of whether they supply b ( Full Answer )

Legal and ethical issues in airlines?

I'm trying to answer this aswell so far ive only got 1 for legal and its just a legislation: A new Environmental Legislation has been produced to cut down carbon emissions with the Travel industry. The UK's climate change bill promises to reduce emissions; however the fear is that short-term po ( Full Answer )

What is an ethical issue intensity?

ethical issue intensity can be define as perceive relevance or importance of an ethical issue it reflects the ethical sensitivity of the individual or group triggering the ethical decision process.

What is an ethical issue?

An ethical issue is a problem that requires someone to choosebetween two things that need to be decided as right or wrong. Anexample of an ethical issue is that you know that your best friendis cheating on his wife, you don't want to tell her, but it stillisn't right.

What are the ethical issues in Information Technology?

Ethical issues in IT. differ from general ethical issues in a variety of ways. Parker, Swope and Baker note that ethical problems involving computers pose a special challenge, for a number of different reasons.Various ethical issues are: 1.Ethical dilemmas 2.Plagiarism 3.Piracy 4.Hacking 5.Computer ( Full Answer )

Where does Sarah Palin stand on healthcare issues?

She believes the government run Medicare, Medicaid and VA hospitals prove that health care is not run well by the government and is against government run universal health care.

Background screening as an ethical issue?

In a nutshell, main objective of a background check should be:. To verify a person is who they say they are . Uncover anything in their past that they are not divulging . Help detect and deter fraud

Could you give some examples of ethical issues on morality?

What, if anything, should be done when in vitro fertilization results in a woman carrying six or seven live fetuses? Exactly how old is too old to become pregnant ? Fifty, 60, 65? Are the results of genetic testing really confidential? And who should get one of the precious few donor organs: the you ( Full Answer )

What are some ethical issues that asthma brings up?

Asthma isn't exactly a controversial topic like Abortion or Stem Cell research, however the fact that over 250,000 people die a year from Asthma attacks does raise some questions as to why treatment isn't improving as fast as we would hope it to.

What were some of the ethical issues in the verdict movie about malpractice?

There were many: 1) A doctor did not read a patient admittance form. Had he seen it, he would have noticed that she had just eaten. 2) The patient died after vomiting into her mask, and inhaling the vomit. 3) The doctor altered the admittance form. 4) The doctor coerced a nurse into hiding ( Full Answer )

What are ethical issues in auto repair?

As with any other business, honesty, integrity, and, morals. As with other issues in todays world, people cannot know everything, about everything. Most people do not know vehicles, as well as they think they do. The commen person doen't have any idea what a carburetor is, where it is located, or, e ( Full Answer )

Who does healthcare affect?

Anyone who receives or provides health services, and anyone who comes in contact with those who do (or do NOT) receive appropriate care to keep themselves and others safe from infectious diseases.

What are some major ethical issues in the health care system?

I think that the most important ethical issue in healthcare management is the protection of the patient's information, because it is both private and personal information. In the past, patient's medical records were accessible to anyone because they were out in the open on shelves or in filing cabin ( Full Answer )

Why are ethics important in healthcare?

Ethics is extremely important in healthcare. This is true becauseit ensures that patients receive the best care possible andhealthcare employees follow standard procedures for every patient.

Who will the healthcare reform affect?

It will give health care to people that can not afford the insurance costs involved for starters. it should also lower the cost of insurance because they will need to compete with a free health care system. It could save more than 45,000 people who die each year in the US due to a lack of health ( Full Answer )

What causes an ethical dilemma in healthcare?

Many ethical dilemmas arise in health care. A patient may be terminally ill, but you are not sure - do you tell him her of your suspicion or wait for test results, even though fast action might help the patient survive? Abortion - pro life / pro choice? Is a mass of cells life blessed by god, or i ( Full Answer )

What are some ethical issues in the financial industry?

Please know that the rules of WikiAnswers forbid smart aleck answers. So when I tell you, "There are no ethical issues in the financial industry" I am speaking only the truth. There aren't any issues of ethics. They follow the law as they interpret it and have a battery of lawyers on staff to arg ( Full Answer )

What are some examples of moral issues affecting healthcare?

Another answer from our community: There are many moral and ethical issues which conflict withChristian beliefs and teachings surrounding the modern medicalworld, particularly with relation to genetic engineering: 1) Stem cell research - Is this "playing God?" 2) Is genetic engineering improper ( Full Answer )

Legal issues affecting healthcare?

Search these keywords, it helps to do your own research rather than trust other people, even me. Death Pannels, Healthcare taxes, insured to uninsured rate (do the math and find out how much extra we would have to fork over for illegals, drunkards, and healthy people that collect social security an ( Full Answer )

Who started healthcare reform issue?

Clinton had started on it. When Bush entered office it was neglected for 8 years. Now President Obama is trying to come up with a solution for the Health care issue. The issue is much more important now because the recession has caused people to lose their jobs AND their insurance.

What is a way of reasoning about ethical issues?

Does the proposed action violate any fundamental ethical principles recognized as universal Military: If the action treats people differently, is there a legitimate reason for treating them differently

What are the ethical issues of anorexia?

Anorexia brings up many ethical issues tied into the physicalproblems or issues that may arise, too. 1. A main one is that anorexia is very much a conscious "disease"or "disorder". Unlike bacterial or viral disease, or conditionssuch as cancer, or mental disorders like bipolar disorder, anorexiais v ( Full Answer )

What are the ethical issues with digging for gold?

There are a lot of discourse and ethical issues to do with digging for gold because some environmental scientist believe it is destroying the environment, it is damaging the habitat of animals which potentially endangers animals.

How does our geographical location affect the healthcare that we get?

Areas with higher concentrations of people and higher populations in general tend to have more available health care resources and facilities, more doctors and nurses with more training and experience, and are closer to the communities they serve. Rural areas tend to have less hospitals and more sm ( Full Answer )

Is teen pregnancy an ethical issue?

No I think it's a human issue. Ethics usually means putting a judgment on it, for what is right and correct etc and no one is that. Falling in love as a teen is about emotions and hormones and growing up is about making mistakes. The parents have to be there and the school to educate so they don't m ( Full Answer )

What is an Example of ethical issues in education?

Ethics is dependant on which tribe or group you are a member of. Few are universal. Education would reflect those ethics. To teach the truth as seen by your group. To explain how your society works. These are types of ethical issues taught.

How does medical coding affect healthcare?

Medical coding involves identifying all medical conditions usingspecific codes. It affects healthcare because these codes must becorrect or errors in treatment may result. Also, insurancecompanies pay based on these codes, so if they are wrong insurancemay not pay.

What are the ethical issues with monoclonal antibodies?

- Production involves the use of mice . These mice are usedto produce both antibodies and tumour cells. The production oftumour cells involves deliberately inducing cancer in mice. Despitespecific guidelines drawn up to minimise any suffering, some peoplestill have reservations about using animals ( Full Answer )

What are the ethical issues with producing milk?

Most who don't know about lactation and breastfeeding and such think that milking a cow is synonymous with torture and distress, which couldn't be farther from the truth. However, a lot of people are concerned with how calves are taken away from their mommas a day or two after they are born so th ( Full Answer )

What are some ethical issues concerning same-sex marriage?

Some people, including some extremist Christians/Jews, believe that it is wrong for people of the same sex to have loving and lustful feelings for each other. The only religious group I am able to speak for on this topic is Christianity. As a Christian woman in a lesbian relationship, I will face a ( Full Answer )

How will ethical issues affect you as a medical assistant?

issues may arise anywhere within the work place an problems may arise... for instance the is a patient whom you do not like and they are always coming to tell you their problems. you as a medical assistant should not be rude to the patient but try to advice them in the best way possible and if you c ( Full Answer )

What are some examples of ethical issues in elderly patients?

These issues have to do with the decline in the elderly of their ability to function normally. Should an elderly patient have his car keys taken away or should he or she still be permitted to drive? Should an elderly patient be removed from his or her home and placed in a nursing home or is he or sh ( Full Answer )

How is medical marijuana and ethical issue?

It is not an ethical issue. The real issue is the federal governments point of view and each of the 50 States that form the United States of America. Is it ethical for the Federal Government to decide everything for the individual citizen.

Why are healthcare financia issues important?

Well, healthcare is obviously important for your health, so if you are having financial issues with healthcare, that could put you in an unsure situation.

What the ethical issues in probability distribution?

Probability distribution is when all the possible outcomes of a random variation are gathered together and the probability of each outcome is figured out. There are several ethical issues with this one being that it is not always accurate information that is gathered.

What different ethical issues can people have?

Some of the ethical issues people can have vary between person to person. Some of those issues could involve how to treat people, how to get money, etc.

How migration can be an issue of civics and ethics?

Simply put migration is the movement of people from one location toanother to stay an undefined period of time, usually years or tilldeath. A paeticular society have is set working laws, morals andstatues determining whats ethical for a specific culture. When thisis infiltrated by "outsiders" who ar ( Full Answer )