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What are some examples of low level programming language?

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The "machine language" and "assembly language" for each CPU architecture are the lowest-level programming languages.

The "Forth language" and the "C Programming language" are perhaps the most popular non-CPU-specific low-level programming languages. They were once considered high-level programming languages, and certainly they are at a higher level than assembly language, but now they are considered low-level programming languages when compared to the much higher-level languages available today (Python, Java, C++, etc).

Low-level programming languages provide little or no abstraction from the CPU's instruction set architecture; typically they interact with the hardware directly.

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Give some examples for structured programming language?

C is a structured programming language. PHP, COBOL is also a structured programming language. These languages follow a top down approach.

What is the difference between oriented programming language and high programming language?

Set/subset: Some high level programming languages are object oriented, but not all of them.

High-level programming language compiled?

Some are and some are interpreted.

Which programming language is considered a 3RD generation programming language?

A third generation programming language in essence refers to any high-level language (except for say, database languages such as SQL). Some well-known examples are: PHP, ASP, C, C++, Java, Javascript, Perl, Python, Pascal, Fortran, etc.

What are some examples of programming language?

c programing, c++ programing,java.dos

Why high level languages are called programming oriented language?

It would be more precise to say that some programming languages are called high level programming languages.

Give some examples of reserved words in the ANSI C programming language?

while, for, do

What is the difference between high-level and low-level programming languages?

A programming language that is machine-independent is called a "high-level" language - this includes Java, C++, Python, etc. A programming language that is machine-dependent is called a "low-level" language. For PCs, this usually includes assembly, binary code or some proprietary languages on embedded devices.

Give you some examples for structured programming language?

ALGOL, Pascal, Pl/I, C , Ada

What is the programming language?

programming language is an high level language which helps an programmer to create a coding(using which the required task will be performed by computer). C,C++,Java are some programming languages.using which programmer can create an software. computer student.

Why do you need other programming language other than java?

different languages has different purposes some are low level and some are high level e.g assembly language that is low level(not as a whole) works with machine but java didn't that's why we need other programming languages

What are some examples of computer languages?

Assembly Lisp APL (A programming Language) Perl C Fortran Smalltalk

What are some examples of high level language?

Examples of popular high-level programming languages include BASIC, C, C++, C#, COBOL, Lisp, Pascal (and variants like Delphi and Object Pascal), Forth (a stack-based Reverse Polish Notation language), Fortran, Java (for which native-code compilers exist) and Scheme.

What is Javascritpt?

JavaScript is a client-side programming language, it adds some level of style and dynamic content to a website.

Is an algorithm a programming language?

No, an algorithm is not a programming language, and it is not language specific. It is a statement of the methodology used to perform some process, solve some problem, etc.

Example of fourth-generation language?

This is a type of computer language that you can use in programming. Some examples include PowerBuilder, Visual DataFlex, Genero, Quest, and LINC.

What are 3rd and 4th generation programming languages?

A third generation programming language in essence refers to any high-levellanguage (except for say, database languages such as SQL). Some well-knownexamples are:PHP, ASP, C, C++, Java, Javascript,Perl, Python, Pascal, Fortran,etc.A fourth generation (programming) language (4GL) is a grouping of programming languages that attempt to get closer than 3GLs to human language, form of thinking and conceptualization.For example, a typical 4GL command isFIND ALL RECORDS WHERE NAME IS "SMITH"

Why c language is called middle level language?

Answer - why C is Middle Level LanguageC Programming language is called as Middle Level Language because (i) it gives or behaves as High Level Language through Functions - gives a modular programming and breakup, increased efficiency for reusability(ii)it gives access to the low level memory through Pointers. Moreover it does support the Low Level programming i.e, Assembly Language.As its a combination of these two aspects, its neither a High Level nor a Low level language but a Middle Level Language.Of note: C++ supports pointers and some basic assembly aspects. It is, however, high-level. C is 3rd generation, not due to pointers or functions, as most languages after the 1st generation include some implementation of these, but because it introduced the first (relatively speaking) aspects of object orientation (structs and enums). C++ carried on with this, leading to the "4th", which has become too varried to refer to as such. There is no such thing as a middle-level language. Machine code to BASIC to C to C++ and Java and such, C is definitively on the higher end of the programming specture.

What are the easy tips to learn programming language?

Well, whatever you do, you'll have to learn. The easiest way to learn some basics is to use a high level programming language such as, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python etc.. (very long list).

What are the five generations of programming languages?

1.First Generation Programming LanguageFirst generation of programming language refers to machine language. Machine language is lower level language which uses object code (some times also known as machine code). Object code is the combination of binary digits. These languages directly talk to hardware.2.Second Generation Programming LanguageSecond generation of languages is also low level language which is known as assembly language. Assembly languages are the interface between Machine level languages and High level languages.3.Third Generation Programming LanguageThird Generation programming languages are High level Programming languages like JAVA & C.4.Fourth Generation Programming LanguageThis is the set of current generation programming languages. These languages are similar or closer to human languages.General characteristics of 4GL are:i.Closer to human languagesii.Portableiii.Database supportiveiv.simple and requires less effort than 3GLv.Non proceduralDifferent types of 4 GL are:a. Query Generatorb. Report generatorc. Form Generatord. Application Generatore. GUI Generatorf. Relational Database Manager5.Fifth Generation Programming LanguageLanguages used for writing programs for Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network, Plasma Computing etc. come under 5GL. This is the future of programming language.

Is C a high level programming language or a low programming language?

High. Only machine code and Assembly are low level languages. The distinction most usually used to determine if a language is 'high' or 'low' is the use of a compiler. If a language requires some form of compilation or translation process to convert each written instruction into multiple machine executable instructions then it is a high-level language. If each written instruction can be directly converted to a single machine executable instruction (and usually back again) then it is low-level.

What programming language can be used for water billing system?

Any programming language can be used. Some are more suitable than others.

Why do you need another programming language?

We have many programming languages because no one language is perfect. Some are very good at some very specific things, but are horrible for others. When we are presented with a problem, we have a large set of programming languages in which to find an appropriate language to use.

What programming languages is Unix written in?

Unix is primarily written in the C language, with some small snippets of assembler code for low level bootstraps.

What are some of the second generation computer programming languages?

All the low-level symbolic languages such as assembly language are known as second generation languages.