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Human species.

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What are some benefits of human genetic variation?

It allows for variation within a species leading to a larger gene pool.

Why is increased variation an advantage to a species?

It is an advantage because variation within the DNA of a species prevents a disease being able to harm or kill the entire species. Some of the species will be immune to the pathogen.

Discribe what biodiversity means?

Biodiversity means the degree of variation of life. Some examples would be genetic variation in a species or ecosystem variation in a planet.

What causes variation within species?

because the variation causes the variation becasue of the variation of the species. genetic mutation and adaption of some members to physical condition better than others (survival and reproduction of those best able to adapt to the environment. ) It can also be affected by the contact the species has doesn't have with other populations of the species.

How does variation within a species increases its chance to survive when the environment changes?

The differing traits provided by variation mean that at least some groups of the species may be better prepared to survive.

Why does some genetic variation exist in members of the same species?

Some genetic variation exists in members of the same species because of variation among individuals due to environmental factors.

Why is variation good for a species?

Sometimes positive variation can improve some ability of the species adapted to the environment. For example, a kind of virus can be killed by medicine A. A small part of the virus has some variation that make it can be alive with medicine A. The species of the virus can exist in future, or it will disappear in the future in the environment full of medicine A. Besides, positive variation can provide some capacity for the species to get more resource in the competition. Of course, there is negative variation that might contribute to the disappearance for the species. That is just another side of variation.

What are some examples of aerobic bacteria?

Some examples include Staphylococcus species, Streptcoccus species, and Enterobacteriacae species.

How many chromosomes in a mices cell?

There is some variation based on species of mouse. Laboratory mouse has 40 while a deer mouse has 48 as examples.

How do you tell female birds from male birds?

This is impossible to answer as there is every variation imaginable, and none, within bird species as a whole. The only catch-all answer is DNA or surgical sexing. With some species, the male will be more colourful than the female. However, with many species, there is no difference in colour. Within some bird species, the female may be smaller than the male. This, too, will vary in other species. Some species may be best told apart by the sound they produce and how they communicate.

What are some examples of variation in animals?

a different form of an animal; adaption

Do you have a diagram of a mussel?

There are many many species of mussels but their anatomy is pretty much the same with some variation that distinguishes them as species.

What is a variation that can help an organism survive?

A "variation" is a genetic feature expressed in some physical, physio chemical or behavioral manner by a living organism that is not present in the general population of the species to which that living organism belongs. If that variation advantages that animal as compared to others of that species then the likelihood is that that animal will breed more successfully, potentially passing on that variation to its offspring. Slowly variations accumulate and one species changes into a new species - this is called evolution.

How is variation causes?

There are several causes for variation that occur within a population. Some of these causes include neutral mutations, sexual reproduction, and diploidy.

What is the advantage of having variation in a species?

Some variation in a species may be a life line for that species if something like a pathogen would attack it and those that are slightly different would have a good change of living while others might not. This is really what evolution is all about.

What are some examples of colonial cells?

group of species

What advantages does sexual reproduction provide for sponges?

Sexual reproduction means there is much greater scope for genetic variation of offspring. Variation is good for any species as it is this variation that allows for adaption e.g. the variation might provide some individuals with resistance to a new disease that affects the species, hence those individuals survive and thrive.

How does having variation in a species help the species survive?

Variations within species are triggered by their needs in order to take better advantage of their environment, to attempt to overcome certain obstacles to survival, predators, etc. Perhaps some good examples (an expert would give better ones, I suppose) would be the hedgehog, that developed spikes to protect itself from predators, or cheetahs that developed good muscles in their legs to run faster than their prey.

What are some advantages for sexual reproduction?

some advantages in sexual reproduction are *genetic variation *to have different abilites which species can survive

What are some threats to ecosystems and the species within them?


Examples of plants with spear leaves?

Some Eucalyptus species...

What are some examples of non-native species?


Would natural selection occur if no variation existed in a species?

No. Without some differences there woul be nothing to select.

When environmental conditions change it is more likely that at least some members of a species will survive if they?

there is variation among the members.

What are some examples of echolocation?

Beluga wales, bats, dolphins, and some species of birds.

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