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One of the most famous French things is the dance discipline of ballet.

Another famous French thing is the contribution to learning. In the way of only a few examples, there are the scientific achievements of Pierre [May 15, 1859-April 19, 1906] and Maria Sklodowska [November 7, 1867-July 4, 1934] Curie, and Louis Pasteur [December 27, 1822-September 28, 1895]. There are the musical achievements of Edith Piaf [December 19, 1915-October 10, 1963], and Eric Alfred Leslie Satie [May 17, 1866-July 1, 1925]. There are the literary achievements of Victor Hugo [February 26, 1802-May 22, 1885]. And there are the artistic achievements of Georges de la Tour [March 13, 1593-January 30, 1652].

Still another famous French thing is the Eiffel Tower.

Still another famous French thing is the food such as champagne, cheese, Cointreau, Le grand marnier, and wines.

Yet another famous French thing is the Statue of Liberty.

Also, the Arc de Triomphe is a famous french monument recognizable all over the world.

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Q: What are some famous French things?
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