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Playing sports, Baseball, soccer, hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse, for an example there are hundreds of thousands of fun ways to work out like maybe playing games

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Q: What are some fun easy ways to exercise?
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What are some safe and easy exercises for kids?

Some safe and easy exercise for kids that are also fun are jumping jacks, jumping rope, summersaults, any different sports that they can play like tag or capture the flag. Make it fun so they want to continue to exercise as they get older.

What are fun ways to exercise?

Walking or just simply riding a bike

What are some exercise routines that an arthritic person can do without getting on the floor?

You can try Aerobic or endurance exercise, Like riding a bike or walking. Also you can use dance as your exercise, its a lot of fun and can be pretty easy!

Fun and easy ways to eat bananas?

yes bananas are indeed fun when you eat them and play with them.

What are some ways for you to exercise your brain?

You can go to brain teasing websites. I always go to these because they are fun when I have nothing to do during the day. Also they have optical illustrations on there that are fun to look at.

What are some fun and easy crafts?

== == == ==

Is it fun being a celebrity?

in some ways yes. and in some ways not.

What is sport all about?

just for fun and to do some exercise

Why do some people hate exercise?

Some people see exercise as a "chore" instead of a time to have fun.

How fun is this machine to exercise on?

The amount of fun to be had on any exercise machine is dependent upon your definition of fun. If you think a rigorous exercise is fun, then sure this exercise on this machine could be considered fun.

Why should there be a lot of sports?

So there can be different ways to exercise. Plus, more sports, more FUN!!

What are some easy fun exercises?

Do the Po Pi Po dance it is really fun and a great exercise for legs. The dance actually came from a japanese pop star named Hatsune Miku. Hope this helped ;)

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