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What are some gas saving tips for trucks with a diesel engine?

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best tip i can give you is dont try to drive same asa gasoline engine they just do not urn the same also start to breal earlier than you would with a gasoline engine diesels do not create backpressure that a gasoline engine does therefore the diesel will not slow down the same way the gaseline engine will other than that, usually a diesel is more economic even with todays rediculous dieseel prices This is basic stuff that will really help fuel economy. 1. Properly inflate tires while they are cold, do it monthly. 2. Regularly change engine oil 3000 mile max or use a good synthetic with a 25,000 mile interval. 3. Use good synthetic oil in the drive train; transmission, front end and rear end. 4. Change the air filter every 10,000 miles max or change to a washable performance filter like a True Flow. 5. Change the fuel filter every 25,000 miles 6. Don't run the A/C in town or under 45 mph 7. Adjust the valves every 50,000 miles 8. Install a less restrictive exhaust system, a 4" pipe w/ a no back flow muffler from the turbo back. 9. Adjust the fuel pump for your elevation, and turn it up 50-100 HP either manually or with a chip. 10. Drive reasonably unless there is a fire.

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First of all, don't put gas into a diesel truck. That will save you a very large repair bill.

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What cars are diesel?

The type of vehicles that have a diesel engine are pickup trucks, vans, semi trucks, box trucks, some smaller cars such as sedans and also some suvs have diesel engines in them. The GMC sierra has an duramax diesel in it.

What vehicles use duramax diesel?

Large trucks tend to use Duramax diesel. Some manufacturers that produce diesel trucks are Chevy, Ford, and Dodge.

What machinary uses diesel?

Things like semi-trucks and some trucks and every day vehicles use diesel fuel.

What are some popular brands of diesel trucks?

Their are many different manufacturers that make diesel trucks.GMC,Chevy and Ford are just a few examples of diesel brand trucks manufactufacturers.

What are some of the options available in diesel pickup trucks?

The options available to diesel pickup trucks are dependent upon the make and model of the pick up truck as the options will vary accordingly. Factors such as engine capacity will have an implication upon what options are available for such a truck.

What are some good diesel trucks for sale?

There are many good brands of diesel trucks to choose from. Ford Motor Company sells the F-150 in a diesel version, also Dodge has a Ram that comes in diesel.

diesel trucks in good condition for sale?

You can look for a diesel truck by checking your local yellow pages. Or you can go to to find some great deals locally on diesel trucks

What are some benefits of diesel trucks?

Some benefits of diesel trucks are: better gas mileage, less pollution, they are easier to maintain, the retain their value more, and they have a larger towing capacity.

Are all loud trucks diesel?

No some loud trucks are gas spark engines so they are sometimes louder.

What are some large trucks that begin with the letter J?

JNSN diesel trucks were produced in the 1930's. They were made by Jensen Motors.

Some examples of the diesel engine please?

Detroit diesel, Cummings, Deutz

Can we convert public buses from diesel engines to LPG engines?

No, a diesel engine will not burn LPG. It would destroy a diesel engine. A gasoline engine can, with some modifications, burn LPG.

How can calculate power of diesel Engine?

You will need to have some information ready. It is good to know the horsepower and the torque of your diesel engine.

What cars or trucks had Isuzu c240 engine?

In Indonesia some of Jeep CJ7 had this engine.

What is the future of the automotive business?

It will be a mix of electric cars, and maybe diesel. Diesel is up for discussion because it doesn't pollute the air, but it is claimed to cause lung cancer. (I doubt it does. If it did, we'd all have lung cancer. We use diesel in semi-trucks, and some regular trucks.)

Will diesel oil damage oil rings and seals on a petrol motor?

You mean "motor oil for diesel engines," rather than "diesel oil the fuel." And the answer is simple: No. It will not. All the popular and not-so-popular brands of diesel engine oil sold in the US carry two ratings: a "diesel engine rating" and a "gasoline engine rating." They do this because most trucking companies also own some gasoline engine vehicles, like pickup trucks for driving to the truck dealership on parts runs, and an oil rated for both gas and diesel engines allows them to put the same oil in all their vehicles.

Is there a carburetor in a diesel engine?

Not in any modern diesels. Some old diesel tractors from the 1940's where gasoline start and then ran on diesel once the engine was warm. Those did have carburetors.Not in any modern diesels. Some old diesel tractors from the 1940's where gasoline start and then ran on diesel once the engine was warm. Those did have carburetors.

How did Rudolf diesel invent the diesel engine?

The correct answer is, he did not invent the then known compression ignition engine, which was named after him,DIESEL engine,he was accredited wrongly with the invention of the C,I,engine,the true inventor was Herbert akroyd Stuart and the date he had a working heavy oil [we now know as diesel] engine was 1886 some four to five years before Rudolf Diesel.

Diesel Engine Specialists Help Make Cars Run?

A diesel engine is preferred by some over a gasoline engine because a diesel engine is much more efficient; a diesel engine burns about twenty-five percent less fuel than a gasoline engine and more of the fuel is actually converted to mechanical energy. Rudolf Diesel invented the diesel engine in 1892 after learning that gasoline-powered internal combustion engines were not very efficient. Diesel engines have continued to evolve over the years until today they stand poised to make a comeback, thanks to advances in diesel technology. The diesel engine has been used in semi-trailer trucks for decades, and in passenger cars starting in the 1980s. Diesel engines have become more and more common, and the demand for diesel engine specialists has consequently grown. Diesel service technicians and mechanics repair and maintain the diesel engines that power trucks, cars and other vehicles. The profession is changing rapidly due to the changing nature of diesel engines. For example, electronics and computer technology are now used in diesel engines to make the engine run more efficiently. Versatility is becoming a valued quality. Diesel engine specialists have to be well-versed with using computers to diagnose and monitor engine problems and qualities. One day the technician may be repairing an electronics system, the next they may be performing heavy engine maintenance, such as installing a new component part. Add to the above the increasing complexity of diesel engines and the fact that new emissions standards may require the installation of newer components on older systems and taking care of a diesel engine becomes a huge job. Diesel engine specialists stand a chance of finding a job at a higher-end shop if they have professional training from a technical or vocational school. The salary for a diesel engine specialist varies from thirty-four to fifty-thousand per year. Diesel engine specialists use a large variety of tools and usually work in lighted and ventilated areas. Some jobs require them to be on-site, which can place them on the shoulders of highways and in the garages of residential neighborhoods. Diesel engine specialists are expected to experience slightly raised demand as diesel engines increase in complexity and repair needs.

What is the weight difference between a diesel engine and a gas engine?

A diesel engine is heavier than a petrol engine because some parts in a diesel engine are made from cast iron such as cylinder sleeves etc. The weight difference is usually between 10-20kgs.

Are there any alternative fuels for a diesel engine?

There are several alternative fuels for a diesel engine. Some alternatives include Biodiesel and vegetable oil.

What damage is caused by petrol in a diesel engine?

Serious damage. Any diesel mechanic, would recommend draining the entire fuel system and re-filling it with pure diesel. I do know some guys that add a gallon or two of gasoline to their diesel trucks, meaning big rig semi's, in the winter for easier starting, however their truck's fuel tanks have a 50 gallon capacity. Diesel is a lubricant as well as a fuel. Running gasoline, or a high mixture of gasoline WILL cause SERIOUS damage to a diesel engine, so remove all the gas immediately.

Why did Rudolph diesel invent the diesel engine?

He didn't. Herbert Ackroyd-Stuart in fact created and patented the first functioning compression ignition engine some 7 years before Rudolf Diesel.

Can you replace a diesel engine with a gasoline engine?

you can but you have to replace gas lines and tank and some sensors

Does a diesel engine use spark plugs?

No With some exceptions in the 1950's and before. Some early diesels started on gasoline with spark plugs and then switched to diesel when the engine was warmeed up.