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What are some gas saving tips for trucks with a diesel engine?


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First of all, don't put gas into a diesel truck. That will save you a very large repair bill.

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best tip i can give you is dont try to drive same asa gasoline engine they just do not urn the same also start to breal earlier than you would with a gasoline engine diesels do not create backpressure that a gasoline engine does therefore the diesel will not slow down the same way the gaseline engine will other than that, usually a diesel is more economic even with todays rediculous dieseel prices This is basic stuff that will really help fuel economy. 1. Properly inflate tires while they are cold, do it monthly. 2. Regularly change engine oil 3000 mile max or use a good synthetic with a 25,000 mile interval. 3. Use good synthetic oil in the drive train; transmission, front end and rear end. 4. Change the air filter every 10,000 miles max or change to a washable performance filter like a True Flow. 5. Change the fuel filter every 25,000 miles 6. Don't run the A/C in town or under 45 mph 7. Adjust the valves every 50,000 miles 8. Install a less restrictive exhaust system, a 4" pipe w/ a no back flow muffler from the turbo back. 9. Adjust the fuel pump for your elevation, and turn it up 50-100 HP either manually or with a chip. 10. Drive reasonably unless there is a fire.