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Q: What are some good French restaurants in Sydney?
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What are some good French restaurants in Seattle?

Rover's Campagne

What are some good French restaurants in Atlantic City?


What are some good vegan restaurants in Sydney?

Mother Chu's Vegetarian Kitchen. Link below -

What are Some good French Restaurants in San Diego?

(619) 435-0661=== ===

What are some good French restaurants in Philadelphia?

Lacroix at the Rittenhouse, Parc, Le Bec-Fin,

What are some good dinner ideas for two?

Some good dinner ideas for two when eating out in downtown LA are the romantic restaurants called The Little Door which is french, or Providence which specialize in seafood.

What are some good hostels in Sydney?

One good hostel in Sydney is the Wake Up Sydney. It's very close to the cities Train Station and several backpack travel industries are nearby. Some other good Hostels in Sydney are the YHA Central Backpackers and the RHA Railroad Square.

What are some good Italian restaurants in Savannah GA?

There are several good Italian restaurants in Savannah, GA. Some of the highest reviewed restaurants are Leoci's Trattoria, Bella's Italian Cafe, Garibaldi's Cafe, and Carrabba's Italian Grill.

What are some french foods found in Australia?

There is not a lot of French cuisine readily available, but fine restaurants can match any French dish on offer.

What are some good thing to do in sydney when its raining?

lolly shops

What are some good surfing beaches near Sydney?


What are some good fancy restaurants in Sacramento?

Some of the good, fancy restaurants in Sacramento are: Enotria Restaurant and Wine Bar, The Kitchen Restaurant, Tres Hermanas, The Waterboy and Biba Restaurant.

What are some good restaurants located in Fitzroy?

There are several good restaurants located in Fitzroy. Some of these include Backstreet Eating, Circa, Left Bank, Sapore, and World Restaurant and Bar.

What are some good restaurants in Edinburgh?

In Edinburgh there are many good restaurants where you can eat good food. Few are Castle Terrace and Ondine offer delicious food of different cuisines.

What are some good Italian restaurants in the Florida Keys?

emerald coast

What are some good Cuban restaurants in Tampa?

Capedavilla's at La Terisita

What are some good restaurants to eat at?

Country? city? your personal taste?

What are some good restaurants in New York?

There are a lot of great restaurants located in the state of New York. A few of the restaurants are Per Se, Narcissa, and ABC Kitchen.

What is therapy Sydney?

Therapy Sydney is the treatment of disease or disorders, as by some remedial, rehabilitating or curative process in Sydney. A good example of this can be found at:

What are some good restaurants in Tucson that offer Karaoke?

Some good restaurants in Tucson that offer karaoke would be El Mariachi Mexican Food and Rusty's food. Both are highly rated online.

How did the french get food?

Like anyone else, shops, restaurants, some may go fishing or hunting.

Why do French people eat frog legs?

It is a delicacy and some people think that it taste good. Restaurants offer that course to tourists, putting it forward like very French, but it it rather rare to find French people eating that other that out of curiosity, just like tourists do ; it's certainly not a mainstay of French cuisine. Some french people find that it taste good... some others like me doesn't Your taste doesn't have anything to do with the language you spoke

What are some good Mexican restaurants in Austin Texas?

Fonda San Miguel

What are some good restaurants in Clarksville IN?

There are number of good restaurants in Clarksville, IN in different price ranges. From higher prices restaurants Kansai Japan Steakhouse comes well recommended as does the longhorn Steakhouse. Good moderately priced restaurants are Texas Roadhouse and Studio Pizza. If you are looking for a cheap restaurants, Harley's Hardwoodz BBQ and Cheddar's Casual Cafe are recommended.

What are some good vegan restaurants in Cambridge Massachusetts?

There are a lot of vegetarian restaurants in Cambridge, Mass. Contact the Boston vegetarian society for recommendations. 2 good vegan restaurants are - 'Grasshopper' on North Beacon, and 'Buddha's Delight' on Harvard.