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What are some good extra-curricular activities for getting in at UCLA?


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Actually UCLA is just like any other major Division I school; And as there is no specific activities that will sway the admissions board to say "wow that kid did that activity just for us" well all activities look the same to all colleges, and there arent any that are better then others, except maybe in the duration and quality department.


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Yes! It shows that you are a well-rounded person.

The average GPA is 3.8, but you can have lower if you have a lot of extracurricular activities, too.

Some good ones are playing a sport that you like to play or joining public or school cubs.

Your grades look good, and you have some extracurricular activities. That's good. Alumni recommendations would help your case. adn a grip of money for the lifestyle and tuition,

it costs somewhere around $50,000. Though Dartmouth is hard to get into. I hope your getting very good grades, and doing extracurricular activities. Also lots fo community service. Your also going to have to get good grades on your SAT's and ACT's.

You can make high school count by putting your best effort into your courses and extracurricular activities. Good grades and extracurricular can help you get into a good college. College education can help you prepare for a successful, well-paying career.

The major disadvantages to participating in activities outside of school are time and money. As long as you can afford the activity and it doesn't take time away from you studies it can be a good thing.

You should list any extracurricular activities that you think will make you look good. You want to let the employer know how involved you were while in school.

Because they have a bunch of teams like college football and if you are good something, they can most likely use you on their teams

You can make it better place by getting good grades. You can also support your school by going to the extracurricular events that they have.

All of your good qualities. Describe any community service or extracurricular activities in vivid detail. Use brilliant introductions and insightful conclusions.

If your middle school has a future farmers club,this may be a good option.Your child learns about hard work and biological aspects,as well as how food gets to your table.

It's UCLA in sports. USC is good at football and other MAJOR Sports, but ucla win more trophy. USC good film program

Ucla is a good college because it receives more undergraduate applications than any other school.

get your diploma. but volunteering at nursing homes and food shelves, doing extracurricular activities like sports and clubs, better your chances if you don't necessarily get good grades.

You must have at least an A-minus average in all subjects for 7th and 8th Grades, you should be in some extracurricular activities, and you need to be very (very!) smart. Good luck.

It depends on what college you are trying to get into and is that your weighted, unweighted, or academic core GPA??With that GPA you won't be able to get into a Ivy League school but you can still get into plenty of good colleges as long as you have good test scores and extracurricular activities! :)

Depends on your extracurricular activities! If you are extremely good at them, then you can get into a good college. Otherwise, it is very hard to get into a good college, unless you study like crazy and get outstanding grades!

A high school diploma or GED. It varies, but in general you have to demonstrate academic competence - this can come in the form of AP scores, IB scores, SAT scores, ACT scores, GPA, class rank, rigor of courseload, recommendation letters, and extracurricular activities/demonstration of good character.

It depends on the college ranking. If you maintain at least a C- average and get good S.A.T scores, you probably can get into the University of Miami.

"Like most mid-tier schools you would need a GPA of approximately 3.0+, good SAT scores, and a decent amount of extracurricular activities. and $25,000" I'm not sure who answered this question first but it's pretty far off the mark. VTs average GPA of freshmen is around 3.8, requires a pretty darn good SAT score... think around the 80th percentile, and extracurricular activities including charity/community service type activities. Family alumni and donations don't hurt your chances for admission either...

No its not enough to get UCLA .I gradueted from UCLA and my gpa was 4.214 . But i think they will accept people with 3.85 gpa .Always try hard and do your best.

To get accepted into a university, a student will need their high school transcript, SAT or ACT scores, and college application. Beyond that, a student will need good grades and to have participated in a variety of extracurricular activities.

You need to focus on a few things: -Grades and SAT scores -Extracurricular activities -Essays -Teacher recommendations -Athletics Try to tell a good story by packaging all of the above together. That should get you a long way to your goal! Good luck.

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