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Basics in this sense refers to a statement of the fundamental facts or principles. There are no fundamental principles of Atheism. Atheism is simply by definition a lack of belief in gods.


The best site I would recommend is Austin Cline's This is a great place to start for all the basics in regards to atheism, philosophy, religion in general and current events that relate to these subject matters. There are other great sites but this is the best starting point. There are no principles of atheism, any site one might mention could only have to do with Humanism. Atheism is not a belief system. Atheism is merely a descriptive term used to denote an absence of belief in a supernatural god. Many "atheists" contest the validity of labelling a group by their lack of belief from the viewpoint that no one is labelled as a "non-believer in unicorns" or a "non-believer in pots of gold at the end of rainbows."


The reason that the term "atheism" does exist is that religious believers comprise a large majority worldwide. A simple term to differentiate a non-believer as such is naturally needed, thus "atheism." A common misconception among religious believers is that a lack of belief in a higher moral power puts a non-believer in a position of vulnerability with regard to moral resolve. For instance, if there is no reckoning with an ultimate moral authority at the end of life, what would prevent people from robbing banks or murdering if they knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that they could pull it off without getting caught. The following websites address this and other commonly cited misgivings about secular humanism and atheism.

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Q: What are some good internet sites about the basics of atheism?
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