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Writing a journal can be a great thing; on the one hand it can be a therapeutic tool to help you organize your thoughts and feelings. Somehow putting it all down on paper (or text file) helps you let go of a difficult situation. Also, in the future you'll find that being able to read about your life and the way you felt in the past brings back memories in a detail far better than your memory holds. To help with both of these, keep your journal entirely private, that way you can be totally honest there, without worrying about being misunderstood or having to wonder what someone else might think - there is a freedom in being able to have that kind of honesty. Also, try to give detail - not just about events, but about your thoughts and how you feel about the things you're writing about. Another way to look at it is to write your journal as if you were writing to the person you love, because you are being totally and completely honest. It's good to write in it everyday and to make sure if you have something in there that you don't want anyone else to know about that you hide it somewhere, but not the typical places, in the dresser drawer or between the mattress. Another quick tip: Make sure you put the date above each entry. That way, when you go back and read it, you will know when you said that.

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Q: What are some good tips on keeping a journal?
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