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What are some holidays celebrated in Spain?

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Spanish Holidays

I see i am the fist one to answer this question, there are a lot of holidays in Spain, even every village or region has it´s own holidays. Each village has a saint (padron) and on the name-day of this saint the village will celebrate.

Some regions have different reasons for a "fiesta" although the Spanish will find reasons very quickly...

In the Valencia region where i am each village celebrates the end of the the North-African occupation called Moros y cristianos. The whole village is divided in two camps, the Christians and the Moors. Most of the time, when a family is Moors, so are the children, so the tradition continues many generations. Viva Mexico


Tjeerd and Claire.

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A holidays in Spain that are celebrated is Easter My uncle lives there so he told me and they had a festival !

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There are a great many things that Spain chooses to celebrate. There are many different Spanish holidays celebrated in Spain.

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National holidays are unique to a nation so Spanish National holidays would not be celebrated in other countries. Spain has a strong Roman Catholic history and celebrates many Roman Catholic holidays. Roman Catholic holidays are celebrated according to the ecclesiastical calender of the Church of Rome so they are celebrated the same day all over the world. Other Spanish speaking countries will celebrate these religious holidays the same day as they are celebrated in Spain. If they are a national holiday in Spain that is a coincidence, and a reflection of the Spanish Catholic faith.

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they celebrate most of the holidays we celebrate

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Some of the holidays celebrated in England are celebrated in the United States as well. Some examples are New Year's Eve, Christmas and Valentine's Day.

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